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No Indians will be harmed in Nigeria: Ambassador

Nigerian High Commissioner and Ambassador to India, Embassy of Nigeria Ndubuisi Vitus Amako after a late nite discussion with the Nigerian team including the Administrative Attache Jacob Nwadibia who was sent to Goa on a fact finding mission told and assured through the Embassy spokesperson that ‘No Indians will be harmed in Nigeria’.

In a message sent to the Editor of, Embassy spokesperson said, “Two wrongs don’t make a right. The Nigerian Government will act with more maturity and follow the diplomatic channels to resolve the issue, even raising the issue with the Centre. We send our demands already discussed with the DGP tomorrow in a formal letter to the Chief Minister of Goa.”

Even though in the earlier part of the evening the visiting Diplomat had advised the Nigerian High Commission to commence the process of evicting the Indians. In the meeting and owing to diplomatic talks undertaken through authoritative channels at the state and Centre with the Nigerian Embassy, the Ambassador and team decided to not walk the path earlier intended but to follow the diplomatic channels and hope that the Goa government pays heed to their seven-demands.

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