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No Kabrastan: Raia Gram Sabha

Villagers of Raia in one voice opposed setting up a burial ground for muslims in their village even though no such formal proposal has come before the Panchayat. At the Gram Sabha meeting held on Sunday, the villagers referred to the government’s plans to acquire land in Manora for setting up a burial ground.
There have been reports in the local media of the muslim burial ground being set up in Manora which is close to the Sonsddo garbage site of Margao Municipal Council even though the muslims have rejected the site.

The burial ground for muslims has been hanging fire for years now with every village panchayat where it is proposed objecting to it. It began with Macasana rejecting it first and then was the turn of San Jose de Areal and now Raia.
Muslims have been demanding a burial ground since their population in Salcete has increased by leaps and bounds over the last few years and the existing burial ground at Pajifond in Margao is inadequate.


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