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No LIVE TV Coverage of Goa Assembly Session

The Goa Assembly Sessions which used to be telecasted LIVE for the benefit for most Goans across the state will now have to resort to watching edited news on TV channels and newspaper, since the BJP-led government has decided to not allow LIVE TV telecast of the assembly proceedings.

This stance of the government which issued this notice through the Speaker Rajendra Arlekar is a contradictions, since when the Parrikar-led government were in Opposition and when Congress ministers used to gag TV channels by cable operators blanking out feeds, a hue and cry would be raised in the assembly. Now however, the government appears to taking a undemocratic stance on this issue.

Arlekar reasoning is that the government will provide the TV channels with the footage of the proceedings, therefore there is no need for LIVE coverage.

Also shocking is that press photographers too will not be allowed inside the Assembly Hall and no press personnel will be allowed to take any photographs.


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