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No Love for Baloch, Only Love for Khalistani, Mr. Trudeau?


I am a journalist that normally does not like to meddle in the political affairs of other countries or the stupidity of their political leaders, we have enough entertaining politicians in India to keep us on the floor laughing.

But I can not mention the glaring hypocrisy of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who recently thought that it was his sworn duty as a global political leader to comment and interfere in an internal sovereign issue of India. His comment raising a stink over the Indian government’s handling of farmers’ affairs was completely uncalled for and factually, erroneously misplaced. 

While the Farmers Protest started with an intent to raise concerns over the new Farms Laws with the government of India, it now appears to be hijacked by people driving the Khalistani and Maoists movements in India. The protests are now evidently been seen as an attempt to destabilize and create chaos in India, similar to the Anti Citizenship Amendment Bill protests in 2019.

Logically, Justin Trudeau should have minded his own business and look after the affairs of Canada and not India. But he did not and I understand his compulsions. The power that the Khalistani supporters have over him in Canada is visible and like all politicians, he needs to bend backward to please his political supporters.

But, I wonder if that caring concern that the Canadian Prime Minister had for the Indian farmers, who would probably think is Justin Bieber (a Rap Gabru from Punjab-side of Canada) is also a caring concerned leader for some living in Canada, his own country.

Karima Baloch, a renowned Baloch activist and a strong critic of the Pakistan Army and ISI, who had sent a Rakhi message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2016, has been found dead under mysterious circumstances in Toronto.

Karima Baloch, the 35-year-old Baloch leader, was last seen on December 20 before she disappeared. Her body was recognized by her husband and brother.

After being hounded by Pakistan Army and ISI in Balochistan, she escaped to Canada in 2015 and became a refugee. She had escaped a Pakistani military attack on the town of Tump and stayed underground for nearly a year before escaping to Toronto.

Karima attended Amnesty International’s ‘Rights for Rights’ event to raise awareness of the world community about abductions and disappearances in Balochistan. She was also named by the BBC as one of the world’s 100 most “inspirational and influential” women.

In 2016 in a video message, she had wished Prime Minister Narendra Modi on ‘Raksha Bandhan’ and sought his help in addressing the plight of the people of Balochistan. In her video message, she said his (Prime Minister Modi’s) ‘’sisters of Balochistan’’ would fight their battle by themselves but all they needed was that he raise their voice in other countries. She had posted her message to the Prime Minister on Twitter.

A famous personality in Balochistan, Karima Baloch was the pioneer of women activism and had also raised the issue of Balochistan in the United Nations. The Baloch National Movement (BNM) announced 40 days of mourning as a mark of respect for her and said her death ‘’is a great loss to the Baloch nation and the national movement.’’

On this issue wherein a refugee fighting for the rights of her people, the persecuted of Balochistan dies mysteriously in Toronto, Canada, the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau prefers to remain quiet as a mouse. It appears as though the Pakistani cats have caught his tongue that was wagging loosely on an internal issue of India.

As an Indian and more so as a human, I feel the pain and suffering of the people of Baloch. I have read enough to know that they have been wronged and that is the reason Karima Baloch was a refugee in Canada because her life was in danger. The enemies of the people of Baloch, succeeded in silencing her voice in Canada, while you were busy opening your mouth about affairs in India, which does not concern you at all.

I want to know if you are going to open your mouth on this mysterious death of Karima Baloch in Canada and ensure she gets justice; or will you remain silent because you only open your mouth based on your selective acts of bending backward to your political supporters and Karima Baloch was only a refugee in your nation, not really a vote-bank to your politics.

The question is simple Mr. Trudeau, are you a hypocrite or not. The ball is now in your court. Are you Justin Bieber to the Indian Farmers or Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada to Karima Baloch, a refugee who was a refugee seeking refuge in your country from people who would have killed her?





Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com
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