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‘No Market regulation’ Vegetable Prices Touching sky Due to Closure of Srinagar-Jammu Highway

Srinagar: The skyrocketing prices of vegetables and other stuff due to closure of Srinagar-Jammu Highway have levied an additional burden on the people of Kashmir who have already suffered heavily since August 2019.

As per local citizens that vegetable prices have gone beyond their purchasing capacity while the continuous shut down of Srinagar-Jammu Highway have also decreased the availability of vegetables in the market.

Potatoes are selling Rs 50 per kg, Onion Rs 70 per kg, Beans Rs 50 per kg, Cabbage Rs 60 per kg, Tomato Rs 50 per kg while green leafy vegetables have also become very expensive and are selling Rs 70 per kg.

A tray of eggs is selling at Rs 200. The consumers are finding it hard to purchase groceries due to skyrocketing prices.

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