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No mercy for rapists! Hang Them or Shoot Them!

I woke this morning to some wonderful news that the Hyderabad Police encountered the four rapists who brutally raped a young veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy and burnt her alive after ravaging her like savages.

I am certain that numerous human rights activists will now strain their vocal cords trying to find deliberate faults in the encounter route taken by the Hyderabad Police. I am also certain that the Hyderabad Police would have had valid reasons to open fire on these rapists.

If one of the rapist’s attacked the police in an attempt flee, then it is in the line of duty that the police officers would have opted fire on the accused rapists.

The Hyderabad Police brought them to the crime site in order to recreate the crime scene. Police official indicate that the rapists tried to attack the police and escape. The police had no choice but to shoot them.

Lets for a moment assume that the police intentionally encountered the rapists.

So what!

I believe only human have rights to defend.

These four rapists were not humans but demons. The manner in which they brutally raped and killed the young woman is not an act of a human but of a demon. There can be no mercy shown to demons.

Rape is not a crime of lust, it is a crime of power. Power to humiliate and subject a victim to torture, perversion and trauma that gives the rapist a sense of being all powerful and merciful.

Rapists continue to rape in gangs because they know our justice system is slow and politically motivated. They can be convicted and someday they will be set free.

Often it is the victim that is shamed and embarrassed by the crime instead of the real criminals.

Shockingly the recent gang rape trends show many juvenile committing rape crimes and the law is more gentle to juveniles committing rape crimes.

Human rights activists expect that we must look at juveniles differently from adults. I cannot seem to understand the reasons behind this; if the juvenile old enough to commit a heinous crime of rape, he is old enough to face the punishment for the crime like an adult.

I urge the Indian government to have no age bar on punishment to rape crimes and rape cannot be considered heinous only up to a certain age bar.

A rape of child aged 12 and a rape of woman aged 40 is as heinous as the other. In both cases the rapists must be hanged.

Our parliamentarians need to make the punishment for the crime of rape so fearful, that rapist will dread the thought of rape crossing their mind.

There is no fear in the minds of the rapists, right now.

I am extremely thrilled that the encounter act of the Hyderabad Police whether unintentionally or intentionally of gunning down the rapists will send a shiver down the spine of potential rapists in Hyderabad.

In my eyes they are heroes. And I don’t care the manner in which it was done. Hyderabad has been exorcised of four demons by the Hyderabad Police.

I hope other states follow soon. No mercy for rapists. Hang them or Shoot Them!

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