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No Mining Trucks Through Rivona

Residents of Shivsorem-Rivona have decided not t allow any mining truck to ply through their village henceforth following the death of Francisco Jivaji who was crushed by a mining truck.
The decision was taken on Wednesday by over 100 villagers who had gathered at the spot where Francisco was crushed to death. Catholics from the village have convened a meeting on Friday to decide further course of action.

The villagers are quite upset with the authorities who they perceive to be hand in gloves with the mining firms particularly after Superintendent of Police Tony Fernandes acted as a courier for the mining firm to hand over the compensation given by them to Francisco’s parents.
They also accused the Directorate of Mines and the Collector of merely going through the act of doing something when in reality they do nothing to protect the villagers.
“ Notifications and orders are issued but not implemented, so much so that even the High Court directives are not adhered to,” said one of the villagers.

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