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No money for ‘Laadli Laxmi’ says Minister for Women & Child Development

Throwing light to the plight of the government on account of the mining crisis in the state which is slowly and surely choking the finances of the BJP-led government to fund normal government operations let alone its flagship scheme ‘Laadli Laxmi’, Minister for Women & Child Development, Dilip Parulekar, stated that no new list of beneficiaries of the  ‘Laadli Laxmi’ scheme will be released for the time-being as there is no money with the government to run the scheme further, since the mining industry has closed down severely affecting the government revenues. This statement of the Minister is contradictory to the recent assurances given by the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who reportedly stated, that when in IIT – ‘finance’ was his pet subject and that there is no financial crisis in the Goa government, he also claimed to put all the financial mechanisms in place even though mining has been stopped.

The ‘Laadli Laxmi’ the pre-election flagship and ambitious scheme of the BJP-led government is expected to find itself in trouble waters, and with need to take the apprehension of the Minister of Women & Child Development seriously since it is an apprehension most ministers and MLAs are concerned about, even though the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar states that the government is not under any financial crisis.

But what is even more worrying, according to the legislators is not so much the success or failure of the ‘Laadli Laxmi’ scheme or any such scheme, but a solution the revenue crisis arising out of mining closure in the state.

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