No pictures, interviews of sex abuse victims: SC warns media

New Delhi, Aug 7 (UNI) Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered that no media house whether print or electronic can air or publish pictures or conduct interview of sex abuse victims across the country.

The apex court was hearing the Muzaffarpur NGO shelter home case in which children were allegedly sexually abused.

A bench headed by Justice MB Lokur said that a proper monitoring of these NGOs run shelter homes has to be done on day to day basis.

The Apex Court asked the Bihar government to arrest the wife of one of the accused in the shelter home case for allegedly disclosing the names of certain alleged minor rape victims by posting their identities and names on her Facebook account.

It also made it clear that to prevent and not to repeat such kind of incidents like Muzaffarpur, CCTVs should be installed within the premises.

Supreme Court today came down heavily on the accused NGO shelter home, where children were allegedly sexually exploited, and observed, who is giving money to the shelter home in the state.

Amicus Curiae (Friend of the Court) Aparna Bhatt told the Apex Court that two children have been allegedly missing from the shelter home and around 40 children have been removed from there.

Justice Lokur asked what action have been taken against those officers who had failed in their duty in the case?

What is happening, we don’t simply understand. Statistics said, more than 38,000 rape case have been registered every year and also a girl is raped every six hours. This is a very very serious matter and also of great concern and somebody has to take action to stop such kind of crimes.

Bihar government lawyer submitted to the Apex Court that they had in the past conducted audits of shelter homes, but did not find any irregularities.

Objecting to this, the Amicus curiae said, this brutal incident showed that there was no audit by any authority upon the shelter homes. Even if the audit had been conducted, it had been done only just to eye wash or in papers.

Justice Lokur said, as per the NCRB record, Madhya Pradesh tops the list of rape incidents followed by Uttar Pradesh.

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