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No Project Under PPP: Nilkanth

Faced with a stiff opposition to the proposed eco-hotel project at Baga, Tourism Minister Nilkanth Halarnkar on Sunday ruled out any project under Public-Private Participation (PPP) module in his department.
Reacting to the opposition, he admitted that the Goa Tourism Development Corporation had forwarded the proposal three months back but hastened to add that nothing was finalized as yet and the proposal was in the preliminary stages.

While the GTDC has proposed to set up an eco-hotel in the 52,000 square metres of land belonging to the government, locals including the stakeholders in tourism industry have opposed it. The land is currently being used as a parking lot and fears have been expressed that if a hotel is constructed there, it would lead to congestion that will be unmanageable.
The opponents to the eco-hotel have instead suggested that infrastructure like parking area, aquarium, amusement park, bathing rooms and toilet facilities be provided there so as to truly boost tourism.

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