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No regime suppresses faith like the CPC does: US

Washington: US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Monday said that China’s incumbent Chinese Communist Party(CCP) has the worst track record when it comes to freedom of religion, especially disallowing their Muslim minorities from practising their faith.

In a Tweet he said on Monday he said “No regime suppresses faith on a larger scale than the Chinese Communist Party. Over 1 million Uyghurs and other Muslims have been forced into internment camps, subject to surveillance, torture, forced abortions, and sterilizations– all part of the CCP’s decades-long war on faith.”

Mike Pompeo has been a very critic of the CPC, in an interview to Fox News on Friday he talked about working with Europe to tackle the ‘threat’ posed by the CCP “We’ll begin an EU-China dialogue before too terribly long, where we’ll begin to have conversations about how we can together put down this threat from the Chinese Communist Party that it presents to the freedom, to religious freedom, to commerce and trade – all the things that Western nations value, all the value sets that we hold. We’ll push back, and I am hopeful that the Europeans will get onboard. Many of the countries have already. I hope the larger ones will join us in this as well.”

Pompeo was appreciative of United Kingdom’s proactive approach in tackling the ‘China challenge’, he said “The US and UK defend freedom against China we also discussed the challenges faced by the world by the Chinese Communist party and that and the challenges the same party presents to the people of China. We are all overcoming the virus that the CCP allowed out of Wuhan. But while we are all recovering, the party’s aggression abroad and abuses at home have gotten even worse. We appreciate the steps that the British government has taken to face the China challenge in recent months. That includes remarkable work speaking up for the people of Hong Kong and offering many of them refuge, calling out repression in Xinjiang and banning Huawei while working to phase out un trusted equipment. The United Kingdom and United States I know will always stand together in defense of freedom.”

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