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No Sale of Tobacco at eating houses says Govt

The Government of Goa has issued directives to all the eating premises and establishments in the state not to keep or sell or provide any tobacco or tobacco products in any form of cigars, cigarettes, biddies, Gutka, hukkahs, etc at their respective eating places. Any instance of detection of such non-compliances shall be dealt with severely under the law in force.

Consequent to the land mark judgement delivered by the High Court of Bombay, Bombay Bench in the public interest litigation on July 13, 2011; wherein the Hon’ble High Court directed all other Municipal Corporations in Maharshtra to ensure that tobacco products in form of Hukkah are not permitted at the eating places in the State; in lieu of the said High Court judgement, the state government has directed all the Government agencies namely the Municipalities, Panchayats, Health Services/Health Centres, Tourism and Food and Drugs Administration to instruct all their subordinate Offices under their control, who are involved in the issue of NOC/approvals/licences for eating outlets in the State, to primarily incorporate a specific conditions, conveying amongst other conditions of NOC/approvals/licences that the eating houses or establishments shall not keep or sell or provide any tobacco or tobacco related products in any form of cigars, cigarettes, biddies, Gutka, Hukkah, etc at their respective approved eating licences.

The Government has also directed these agencies to have their independent mechanism of verifying the compliances of these conditions as incorporated in their respective NOC/approvals/licences and that the Police Department too shall conduct special surveillances drives especially during late evening for detection of operation of such hukkah parlours/bars and book the offenders under the law.

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