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Nobody threatens my daughters…

I am extremely disappointed and disgusted about the incidents over the last two days, which started with Congress candidate from Benaulim Valanka Alemao calling me on my cell, abusing me, raising the issue of my two daughters and how important it for me to take care of them since they are young (and this bit she brought out three times in the conversation) besides bringing out the point that Mother Mary is watching and she will punish you. And also accusing me of investigating the British MP Keith Vaz and looking for the footage in order to get her disqualified.

When the incident happened, I raised the issue with the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Subash Shirodkar, Current GPCC Working President Francisco Sardinha and even AICC senior leader Oscar Fernandes. But not one of them had the courtesy or the inclination to advise the Alemao family to function within the confines of acceptable professional behavior and not get personal or involve my two daughters into the threats you chose to give me.

Following which, I had approached the DIG of Police, Ravindra Yadav and apprised him of the seriousness of the issue. On his advice I went to the Margao Police station to file the complaint. And the P.I. Nilesh Rane has registered a non-cognizable offence under section 506 (ii) and 171 (f) of the Indian Penal Code which deals with criminal intimidation.

I am a father. And no father can ever tolerate someone threatening his kids.

As GoaChronicle.com we have been exposing corruption and scams every week. But no politician has ever had the audacity to threaten or intimidate me. But Valanka Alemao had the audacity to bring my daughters into her intimidation tactics.

My elder daughter is 6 and half years; and my second daughter is 5 years in age. Since when have children become the pressure points to be used by politicians to pressurize journalist. Even the mafia in India has a code where children of other gangsters are never targeted.

I had to recourse to seeking the assistance of the police for fear of the safety and security of my young girls; who have got nothing to do with politics nor are in the age group to defend themselves.
If you want to threaten me, abuse me or even send your henchmen to attack me; I will even forgive that. But that you bring my two daughters into this is pushing the level of political hooliganism. And I will never tolerate it and no father ever would.

If today in Goa, the played up politicians of tomorrow can stop to such levels as threaten the family members of journalist, then Goa is not progressing we are digressing instead.

I have the greatest regards for the Congress party; their limp attitude to addressing my concern, shows that the party it once stood for at least in Goa has become nothing but a spineless body floating around to the whims and fear of the family raj.

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