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Not a farmers protest anymore

As a soldier, a farmer is intrinsic to the soul of India. So when some farmers raise a voice of dissent against the new farm laws of the Centre; I do not consider it to be misplaced.

Farmers have a right to dissent. But before they dissent, it is imperative that they understand the benefits of the new farm laws was brought into play by the Narendra Modi-led government for the welfare of the farmers across India, in its entirety and not a misconstrued interpretation of its intent.

I do not believe the often echoed moot point that the Modi-led government is a government working in the interests of the large corporations in India. I am of the opinion that Modi is actually working in the interests of all stakeholders concerned, most importantly in the interest of the farmers.

Modi does not come from an aristocratic past but a humble grounding. So the pain of a common man, a farmer, and a downtrodden will not be alien to him. He has seen that life and has risen from that life to be the Prime Minister of India.

Politicians like Rahul Gandhi will not know poverty or pain of the farmers even if it bit them in the rear hard. They will certainly voice eloquently and deliberately about their love for farmers.

If I were to throw an open challenge to someone like Rahul Gandhi to ditch his aristocratic life and holidays in Thailand and spend two-years as a farmer in any state in India. I do not think, he will have the temerity or the humility to be a farmer in reality, other than for a photo-op.

The plight of the farmers in India has been pathetic for decades because the Congress-led governments did very little to uplift the standard of living of the farmers and their trade.

If the farmers feel that the new farm laws are not in their interest, then the only way to resolve these concerns is through dialogue with the government. That was happening, till politicians and anti-nationals decided to turn the tide towards anarchy instead of a solution.

India is ripe for tough reforms and we have an assertive government willing to take disruptive decisions to push tough reforms across all sectors that will help push India towards new socio-economic progress – agriculture is one such sector and the farmer is critical to the socio-economic progress of India.

The last few days have exposed the real intent of the protests and blockade in Delhi. The real dissent of the farmers has been sidelined. At a time when the government of India was concurring with some of the concerns of the farmers and willing to calm their fears; some factions in the protest are now mooting for a complete repealing of the new farm laws.

The government will not repeal the new farm laws in totality and they should not. The new laws are progressive and also futuristic. Of course, not all future plans can be easily accepted by a strife-ridden population of our nation’s farmers who have for years in the past being betrayed with empty promises but in time they will realize that the changes have been made in their interest. The increase in number of farmers’ suicide over the years is a clear indication of the value our governments had put on farmers.

The presence of protesters demanding for the release of anti-nationals over the last couple of days is a clear indication that our information that was shared in July this year about a probable redux of Shaheen Bhag in the capital state of Delhi planned by the internal and external enemies of India has now turned out to be true.

The intent of the protestors (not the farmers) is to create enough negative publicity for India, internationally just as it was done during the Anti-CAA protests which then culminated into the horrific Delhi Riots, where clear evidence has come out of the hands of Popular Front of India and funding from out of India.

India is being targeted collectively by Islamic radicals, Khalistanis, Maoists, and political vermins of our country that do not want India and Indians to progress.

The farmers’ protest is now not a farmer protest but an anti-India protest and in the days ahead, we will see new dimensions of the nefarious plans emerging using the innocence of the farmers to unleash a diabolic plan to create instability in India and create a negative image of India and Narendra Modi internationally.

The mere fact that some international political leaders with vested interests have started to raise their voices without fully comprehending the stand of the government of India and the new farm laws but most importantly interfering in an internal issue of India which should not be their concern at all clearly establishes their intent to create discord in India. Narendra Modi must not forget nor forgive these fairweather international political leaders.

I stand with the rights of the farmers to demand better farm laws but I will fight every anti-national that shoots from the shoulders of the innocent farmers with the sole intention to destabilize India.





Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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