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Not a good day for Shobhaa De!

I have never been a fan of the socialite Shobhaa De or her soft-porn books.

To me she was nothing more than a bimbo, like most socialites.

Her views on social media were ridiculous and downright stupid.

I, of course, respect the fact that she is entitled to her views, no matter how foolish her views might seem to me.

In fact I hated her views even as a columnist.

Her one point of view that really got me feeling disgusted of her as a columnist and as a woman, was when she defended the right of a journalist who chose later to report on the rape of mentally challenged girl in his train compartment but do nothing to stop the rape in front of his eyes. He and others in that compartment just watched.

De that day defended this impotent journalist saying that he did his job of reporting the matter as a journalist and it was not his duty to save the girl.

I realised that as columnist and a writer, Shobhaa De had no spine, no character and certainly was undeserving of the socialite status she flaunted and at times received from certain socialite-hungry nincompoops.

On social media De thought herself to be the champion of the liberal cause without an iota of understanding of the subject.

Her tweets bordered on being condescending to India and its people. She was biased and blinding opinionated to the truth and only peddled what she considered to be the truth and wanted others to believe in her truth.

Not too long ago Shobhaa De insulted the Indian athletes.

‘Goal of Team India at the Olympics: Rio jao. Selfies lo. Khaali haat wapas aao. What a waste of money and opportunity.’

In fact comedian Atul Khatri had called out writer Shobhaa De for copying his post on Kashmir.

“Dear Amit Shah, Now that you have solved the Kashmir problem can you please remove some time and also resolve the Saki Naka traffic problem which is going on also since 1947. Regards, Akkha Mumbai.”

And the celebrity writer De plagiarised the tweet of Atul Khatri on her twitter handle.

She also poked fun at the Mumbai police with her tweeted photograph of an overweight policeman with a caption, “Heavy police bandobast in Mumbai today!”

It turned out to be that the uniform and official did not belong to the Mumbai police.

Then she even had the audacity to insult Hindu sentiments by putting out a Tweet stating, “I just ate beef. Come and murder me.”

She even made fun on Twitter about BJP leader Gopinath Munde when he passed away, stating, “Bure Dinn Aa Gaye for the family.”

I am not surprised that a senior Pakistani official Abdul Basit – a former envoy to India claimed that he had influenced her to write the 2016 article where she “advocated plebiscite” in Kashmir in the aftermath of Burhan Wani’s death.

It is important that the Indian government investigates the claims levelled on Shobhaa De by the Pakistani official. It is a serious matter of a media personality toeing the line of an enemy state towards India, to create a negative and harmful perception of a political situation in India.

De, of course, denies being a puppet in the hands of Pakistan. But the soft corner for Pakistan cannot be denied if one carefully analysis her views over the years.

Socialtes like Shobhaa De are the leeches of this nation that live off this nation but prefer to belittle this nation to make themselves appear to be more liberal and globally acceptable.

Shobhaa De are media-created socialites that prefer to strip India naked in order to receive praise from those who want to show India in poor-light.

Shobhaa De is not a patriot. She is a hired opinion maker.

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