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Not Relieved But Pleased: Manohar

Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar said he was pleased to hear that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has decided to close the case against him and not relieved because he knew that there was nothing in the case as it was a mere manipulation by the Congress to harass him.
He reiterated that the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) had made the critical comments based on which the complaint was lodged with the CBI, only because the Congress led government had provided the wrong information to it.

He pointed out that the CAG itself had dropped all the charges of mismanagement after the correct information was provided to it.
He also pointed out that the CBI after its preliminary enquiry into the matter in 2005 had filed a report in 2006 stating that there was no substance in the charges. However, he said that the Congress Party guided by Margaret Alva who was in charge of Goa then, felt that a clean chit from the CBI would be an embarrassment and therefore goaded Mauvin Godinho into filing the criminal complaint with the police in order to hand over the case to the CBI.
The complaint with the Panjim police accused Manohar Parrikar of misappropriating funds while preparing the infrastructure to host the first International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa in 2004.
Dismissing Rajya Sabha Member Shantaram Naik’s contention that handing over government property to Inox was sufficient to attract penalties, Manohar Parrikar pointed out that the multiplex is the Goa Government’s property that has recovered all the money invested in it.
Besides, he said the multiplex gives the State government Rs. 30 lakhs every year as lease fee and around Rs. 31 lakh every month as entertainment fee.
Ravi Protecting Cipriano’s Killers?
Even as citizens are preparing for a candle light vigil to demand justice for late Cipriano Fernandes who died in police custody, Home Minister Ravi Naik is reported to be protecting the Police officers responsible for this heinous act, according to reports in the local media.
The report points that the Under Secretary (Home) on 3rd February had noted in the file pertaining to this matter that since the Sub Divisional Magistrate had opined that appropriate action be initiated against the police personnel on duty and the matter be investigated meticulously, the DGP be informed to initiate action against the concerned officials.
This note was approved by the higher official, the Chief Secretary who is also Secretary for Home and then went to the Minister for his comments on 4th February.
However, the Home Minister Ravi Naik in his note, said that he had announced the constitution of a Special Investigation Team headed by Om Prakash Kurtarkar in the Assembly and action will be initiated only after the report from this team.
The report points out that when the senior officials had opined that action should be initiated, the constitution of the SIT was a mere delaying tactic to give breathing time to the officers under cloud. Besides, following the SDM report, the DGP had the mandate to proceed against the erring officers without waiting for another investigation report.
The report also questions the appointment of Police Inspector Braz Menezes to investigate the case as Braz Meneses is reportedly a very close friend of the indicted Inspector Sandesh Chodankar since both of them were appointed as Police Sub-Inspectors on not only the same date but through a common letter.

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