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Not ‘scam’ but ‘irregularity’: CM on GMC ‘Blood Nexus’ allegations

Reacting to the ‘scam’ in the Goa medical college, where allegedly a private laboratory took blood samples of patients for conducting tests outside, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said that it is not a scam but only an irregularity that his government has stopped.

Parrikar said that it was a “wrong practice” that originated some 10 years back and not during his government’s tenure. “The way it is done is not right. The methodology should be that when the GMC is not able to conduct a particular test, the GMC doctors should draw the patient’s blood and send it to the private laboratory,” Parrikar said.

Reacting to the charges of a ‘scam’ at the GMC by the NCP, Parrikar said there was no scam in the practice as no one in the GMC was making money. “It is the NCP which has the habit of blood sucking. There is no scam in the GMC. It is an irregularity that’s going on for the last 10 years. We have stopped it and we will have to regulate it, because it is in the interest of the patients,” he said.

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