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Now, a committee to solve Barge Owners issues post mines shutdown

The Goa government has decided to form yet another committee post its decision of shutdown mining operations in the state. This committee though under the Chairmanship of the Minister for Power Milind Naik is aimed studying the grievances of the barge-owners and also working out an amiable solution in their time of crisis.

Currently, the GBOA claims to be under a 500 crore loan exposure which is now in jeopardy on account of the sudden decisions of the government at the State and Centre that has led to the stoppage of mining operations in Goa, thereby affecting their business and livelihood as they survived on mining.

Also in the committee will be the Curchorem MLA and GTDC chairman Nilesh Cabral who has been urging the Chief Minister to re-start mining operations in the start. Atul Jadhav, the president of Goa Barge Owners Association is also appointed on the committee.

However, some barge owners see the move of the state government as mere lip-service to try a contain the mounting agitation that appears to growing amongst the mining-affected business. But it would not solve their current crisis of loans especially is 3s 150 crore exposure from co-operative banks in Goa.

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