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Now Book High Profile Call Girls from Goa on Facebook!

First it was through mobiles, then online pornographic websites, now people promoting sex activities in Goa, have turned to the popular social media Facebook to promote and solicit customers. in its investigations into the sex rackets in Goa, have discovered that now high profile call girls or escorts can be booked over Facebook.

The profile page on Facebook, displays a picture of a girl in few clothing with a telephone number to get in touch with. In fact, the FB page also has online co-ordinator by the name of Subash Kumar. Or you can send an email to a lady named Kalpana Sharma.

Besides different photographs of the women, it also gives you brief details of the type of nationality of girls available.

When we spoke the number mentioned on the FB page. We were requested to call on another number, our trace on the number showed the location of the person at Haryana but spoke to us with a Goan name Simon Fernandes. Though, the person on the otheirside of the conversation was certainly well-versed on Goa and was willing to provide us with any women Indian, Russians or Thais. had forwarded to the state government a list of online sex sites promoting Goa as a destination of sex and sleaze, but they failed to take any action. Hopefully, the new government takes some action on such activities promoting Goa in a negative light.

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