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Now, Buddhist Monk arrested for sexually abusing children

Like news of priests at temples and churches, mullahs and pastors were not enough to show the degeneracy of religious leaders, now, police have arrested a Buddhist monk on the charge of sexually exploiting children at a meditation centre at Bodh Gaya.

Police said here today that the Buddhist monk and director of Prajna Jyoti Buddhist Novice School and Meditation Cenre Bhant Sujoy aka Sanghpriya Bhante was arrested yesterday on the charge of subjecting children studying at the meditation centre in Mastpura locality at the temple town of Bodh Gaya to unnatural sex.

The victim children are reportedly natives of Karbi Anglong district of Assam.
When the children complained about their sexual abuse to their guardians, they rushed to Bodh Gaya.

The accused monk evicted all 15 children from the centre when the guardians tried to question him on the issue. The Buddhist monk even did not provide clothes to children while evicting them from the centre. Later, children and their guardians reached at Assam Bhawan under Vishnupad police station area here.

Under the leadership of Gaya deputy police superintendent (Town), police personnel from Vishnupad police station reached Assam Bhawan and investigated the matter.

Later, the Buddhist monk was arrested on the direction of Gaya SSP.

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