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Now GFDO targets Rane

Goans for Dabolim Only (GFDO) has condemned former Congress chief minister Pratapsingh Rane for his actions that began the ground work on the proposed Mopa airport and blamed him for most of the problems plaguing Goa’.

“Pratapsingh Rane had finally and formally admitted on the floor of the assembly that his actions had given birth to the controversial dual airport problem that Goa faces today. Of course, his devotion to the Mopa Airport is understandable, given the fact that lands owned by him in that vicinity will greatly appreciate in value if Mopa airport ever comes up,” said GFDO convenor Fr Eremito Rebello.

“In fact, Rane of the Congress party seems to have been at the genesis of most of the problems plaguing Goa. It was he who was responsible for ushering the land grab scheme masquerading as SEZs into Goa,” added Rebello. GFDO also questioned how chief minister Manohar Parrikar, who sat alongside Matanhy Saldanha and the GMAS protesting against SEZs at the Panaji ferry wharf, can today declare his intention to set a seal of legitimacy on this alleged scam, by gifting 30 per cent of the land to the same real estate lobbies posing as SEZ developers.

GFDO pointed out that in addition to the Mopa and SEZ imbroglio, Rane’s destructive hand’ was also seen in the events leading to the language Agitation that rocked Goa in the 1980s and the RP 2011 issue that brought Goans out into the streets in the year 2006.

Rebello further claimed that the one of the reasons behind Congress’ decimation in the recent election was because it was full of people like Rane “who nurtured their private interests at a very high cost to the Congress party and the interests of Goa”.

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