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Now Online Campaign Against DMD

An online campaign against the movie Dum Maro Dum is gaining grounds on social networking sites Facebook and Orkut.
The movie has raised quite a few heckles in Goa for its alleged portrayal of the State and its people particularly women in bad light. It was discussed in the just concluded Assembly, a public interest litigation has been filed by Goa Founder and Editor in Chief seeking its ban and the Goa State Women’s Commission has lodged a complaint with the police seeking its ban.
“Appeal to all Goans to stand united against the defamatory and obscene depiction of Goa in general and women in particular in the trailer/clipping that are being released on the film (DMD),” said Sheikh, a Tanzania based youth who started the campaign in his post on Facebook.

Within a day, the campaign picked up and got around 40 supporters.
Dr Shekhar Salkar, President of NOTE while supporting the campaign said:  “I hope that after this controversy, the politicians will wake up to the call against drugs in the state.”
On Orkut the dialogues have come in for severe criticism, particularly Bipasha Basu’s claim that in Goa liquor is cheap and women are cheaper.
Jaipur based A B Kamuliwala wrote:  “It is a dialogue writer who is wrong, not Bipasha. So if you wanna small someone go for Dialogue writer and Producer/Director who allowed such dialogue in the movie.”
While another girl from the United Kingdom said the dialogue reveals the mentality of the movie makers and their intention to sensationalise things.

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