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Now School Buses to abide by Govt Rules


Transport department will frame rules for school buses to regulate vehicles carrying students to schools. A survey to gather data about various aspects of school bus traffic will also be carried out.

Transport Director Arun Dessai said, “The Goa School Bus rules will be applicable to all vehicles carrying students to schools. This will help the department to regulate such vehicles.”

Currently, besides buses, two-wheelers and three-wheelers are also used to take children to school and most vehicles are often overcrowded.

Under the rules, vehicle owners will have to register with the transport department and fulfill requirements laid down by the department.

Some of the department plans that have been mooted are that all vehicles will have a specific color and will have to display the signboard at a prominent place, owners will have to make special provisions for schoolbags, and buses will need to have additional steps so that children have no difficulty in entering the bus.”

Till now there are no rules in Goa to regulate vehicles carrying students to school. “The rules will also fix the vehicle’s capacity,” Dessai said.


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