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Now ‘Tiatrist’ gets threatened with harm to life

Following the shocking circular at the Government Culture Centre – Ravindra Bhavan, now an upcoming Tiatrist – Tousif De Navelim has alleged that he received threatening messages and calls from numbers of individuals calling to represent ‘Sanathan Sanstha’ and ‘Ram Sene’ on August 7, 2014.

Tousif De Navelim is planning to release his controversial Tiatr ‘Akantvadi Goeant Naka’ loosely based on the growing discomfort amongst the Goans about the Ram Sene entry plans in Goa.

This morning at 8.42, Tousif received a message from 9823162199 saying that if he went ahead with his show, there would be a counter attack on his life. Subsequently, he received a call at 9.45am from another number 9423588781. The caller warned him about showing his ‘Tiatr’, questioned him on the problem he had with Ram Sene and why he did not want Ram Sene in Goa. The caller also threatened to kill him and said that he would not tolerate anyone trying to attack the Hindu religion, Ram Sene or Sanathan Sanstha.

Tousif De Navelim was visibly disturbed when spoke with him. He however, has reiterated that he would go ahead with the show and will be filling a police complaint on account of the threats.

A few days back a shocking circular was given by the Government-run Culture Centre – Ravindra Bhavan – ‘No criticism of the government ministers, MLAs, VIPS shall be made during the onstage performance at the Ravindra Bhavan in Margao; future booking of the auditorium or other facilities at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, may not be allowed’.

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