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NRI woman faces online harassment for supporting Modi

New York: Dr Rupa Murthy – a popular face on social media and an ardent supporter of the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has been made a target of a vicious online campaign on social media where morphed images of her in sexual positions, filthy abuses of a sexual nature, constant mental harassment and emotional torture from sexual perverts in India – Durgesh Kumar, Mrinal Shukla, Deepak Singhal, Chandravanshi Sachin Mehta, Ayush Vedant, Gaurav Sharma and Rajesh Maurya.

Dr Rupa Murthy was also one the speakers at the first Global NRI Summit held in Dubai.

In an email to the GoaChronicle team Dr Murthy in anguish explained that she has filed a complained with Ministry of External Affairs, Indian Embassy in US and even emailed a complaint the Uttar Pradesh Police but so far none in authority has acted on her complaint.

“Such personal remarks have totally destroyed me as a woman. I have been a healthcare professional and my life has been dedicated to serving people. I have been extremely traumatised after facing such harassment, that too by people from my motherland.
But it did not end there. Some of them started flaunting their political influence and threatened to do physical harm to me, my family and friends in most vulgar language.

Now I am really scared. I always dismissed these notions of India being unsafe for women as media hype. But now, after this ordeal, I am beginning to believe that is true. I am forced to cancel my travel plansto India. I am also forced to advise women in my circle in India to stop fighting for women’s safety on cyber space because it is proving to be useless,” expressed Murthy.

Her harassment continues unabated and bold on daily basis since the perverts and harassers believe that the local police in India will not entertain an online harassment complaint of a woman living in the US.

It is interesting to note that recently the Chief Minister of Bengal Mamta Banerjee had a woman arrested for a Meme she posted on her on social media and was jailed.

In fact the UP Police arrested a man from Delhi for ‘objectionable’ tweet of the Chief Minister of UP Yogi Adityanath but the UP Police which is otherwise known to be active has not acted on Dr Rupa Murthy’s complaint.

Not too long another popular face on social media Rana Ayub raised objections to a post of a Chef-based in Dubai for a past on social media. The Dubai Authorities had the Chef deported for such a tweet.

The question now however is will the UP Police act on the complaint of Dr Rupa Murthy who is an NRI or will this continue to be seen as a world where men continue to harass women not online in the offline world but also online and women get no justice.












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