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NSUI demands sacking of Mandrekar for remarks against drug-nexus busting SP


The students wing of the Congress party National Student Union of India (NSUI) condemns the remarks of the BJP Irrigation Minister of Government of Goa Dayanand Mandrekar against I.P.S officer Vijay Singh calling it highly deplorable and have demanded that the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar sack this minister immediately.

NSUI, vice-president, Sunil Kawthankar, stated that the remarks of a minister against the police officer who was acting against illegal organized  activities is not acceptable to us. It has come to us as a shock that the police officer who tried to stop illegal activities like prostitution and drugs in the coastal belt has been flayed by Mandrekar , the law and order in the state is already at its lowest with increasing number of crimes such as thefts, rapes etc and at such a moment a senior minister trying to demoralize the police force is shameful.

Kawthankar further added in the past too the same Mandrekar had shocked the Goans by supporting the drug dealers publicly but then he was M.L.A but now he being a senior minister in the government raises serious doubts on the integrity of the minister with respect to the illegal activities, if he can make such a statement demoralizing the police officers we can only imagine how much hindrances and interferences he must be causing to the law enforcement agencies in order to patronize illegal activities in the coastal belt of Goa .

NSUI said that it will stand strongly stand police officers doing their duty in order to protect the state and also appeal the people of Goa to stand by such officers. “We have always fought against drug mafias and corruption and any such attempt by any member of the BJP government to protect and patronize criminal activities will be sternly opposed.
In the past some police officers were involved with some politicians in the drugs trade and the same BJP were making noise then so now it’s up to the government to take strong steps to depoliticize the police department in the  larger interest of the state,” Kawthankar further elaborated.


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