NTTF to collaborate with Stratasys to offer additive manufacturing certification course

Bengaluru, Dec 19 (IEBusiness) Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) has entered into a collaboration with Stratasys India to launch a additive manufacturing certification course, a training program to help students to learn new technologies in 3D printing and make them future industry ready.

The pact was signed during ‘Stratasys India User Forum’ held here on Tuesday. The annual event aims to provide a platform for key industry players and end-users to exchange insights on the latest 3D printing trends, applications, and best practices.

Themed ‘Shaping what is Next’, the event witnessed coming together of Stratasys and industry leaders. 3D printing demonstrations in manufacturing, automotive, aerospace & defence, healthcare, and education were showcased during the event. These are some of the key sectors likely to see the highest 3D printing adoption according to solution users and industry speakers at the forum, a Stratsys release said here on Wednesday.

The speakers presented case studies that highlighted the uses of 3D printing and how it is slowly changing the traditional manufacturing landscape and is setting the tone for smart manufacturing and industry 4.0, such as advanced prototyping with high-performance thermoplastics in shop floor, or shared office solution for high volume usage at enterprise accounts.

Via UNI-India

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