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NWB Rejects Govt’s Proposal For Zero Buffer Zone

The National Wildlife Board (NWB) has rejected the Goa government’s proposal to have zero buffer zone around the wild life sanctuaries in the State and has reportedly asked the state authorities to rework its report.
The state government’s proposal prepared by Rajiv Yaduvanshi that recommended that the buffer zone around the wild life sanctuaries should be zero kms was interpreted by many as aimed to help the mining lobby in the state which has been having a free run.

While relaxing the 10 kms buffer zone criterion for Goa, the NWB has said that the State cannot excuse itself from having a buffer zone and has asked for a fresh proposal specifying the buffer zone around the wild life sanctuaries.
The Yaduvanchi report of 2007 had recommended zero buffer zone on grounds that Goa being a small state cannot have buffer zone and also that the wild life sanctuaries are surrounded by human habitation.
Goa has seven wild life sanctuaries approximately covering an area of 677.5 sq. kms.

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