OBOPAY Launches App-based Meal Vouchering System for Enterprise Customers

OBOPAY, the global financial technology company providing enterprise solutions for Telcos, BFSIs and companies with a dominant supply chain focus, today introduced OBOPAY meal vouchers – an app-based monthly meal vouchering system. OBOPAY has deployed the solution with multiple companies including Alsec.

The monthly meal voucher system will enable an employee to receive designated Meal voucher money as a part of the corporate employee benefit program. The meal voucher money will be transferred into the employee’s OBOPAY card which they can further utilize for transactions at various outlets. The digital account of the employee would also consist of a primary digital account which will give them flexibility for self-loading, transferring & withdrawing money to and from OBOPAY’s digital account.

Mr. Shailendra Naidu, CEO, OBOPAY

Commenting on the launch, Shailendra Naidu, CEO, OBOPAY, said, “Launch of the digital meal voucher system is in line with OBOPAY’s commitment to promote digitization of the entire payment ecosystem of enterprises and providing technology overview as a solution to companies across India and globally. Through this launch, we will not just serve as a payment solutions partner for enterprises but we will add immense value to enterprises’ business by integrating our systems with the corporates’ back-end transactional model.”

The multiple benefits of OBOPAY meal voucher system over other meal vouchers includes its reach to more than 3.5 million outlets, multi-pocket digital account facility, ATM withdrawal from primary digital account, automatic fund reload, multiple self-load money options, person to person primary digital account money transfer, unlimited add-on cards and much more. Users can also set transactional limits by themselves, can block or unblock the card temporarily and they can also request money into primary digital account from others.

The meal voucher system can be used at all Mastercard outlets across India. It can be also used for online food purchase along with retail food outlets. The revolutionary meal e-voucher system will enable companies to reach out to hundreds of employees across cities at the click of a button. The disruptive solution will ensure that the employees receive meal vouchers on the OBOPAY digital account and start using them instantly. The OBOPAY Meal Vouchers can be used across multiple outlets for buying meals regardless of whether the outlet is the companies’ affiliated partner or not. The meal e-voucher system will also let the users receive details of all transactions as a statement in the mobile app.

As per a recent report, the global meal vouchers and employee benefit market will grow by USD 27.2 billion during 2018 – 2022. Along with having a huge growth potential in coming years, the meal voucher space also has challenges in terms of a complex distribution model. This is where OBOPAY is aptly poised to disrupt the meal voucher space considering company’s proven track record in digitizing the whole payment structures of enterprises.


Headquartered in Bangalore, OBOPAY is a global financial technology company providing enterprise solutions for Telecom companies, BFSIs and companies with a dominant supply chain focus. With a successful run in global markets, OBOPAY is focusing on India as a key market for its next phase of growth. Key offerings will include wallet services and payment solutions for supply chains.

The company offers enterprises an integrated processing platform that is capable of linking multiple participants into a transaction network. OBOPAY is digitising the whole payment structures and providing technology overview as a solution to enterprises.

The key current clientele of the company is spread across 11 plus countries and 3 continents – Asia, Africa, North America – and includes brands like Airtel, Telecel, Azam Group etc. The key driver at OBOPAY is the vision to excel in service and products and commitment to help more and more clients, customers and partners to gain from us.

In the year 2010, OBOPAY was named as one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world by MIT Technology under TR50 awards platform. Under World Economic Forum, the company was the only financial services provider in the world to be named Technology Pioneer 2010. OBOPAY was also selected as a 2010 AlwaysOn Global 250 top private companies AO250 Global Summit at Stanford. In 2011, OBOPAY won the Best Multi-channel capability Project Award Winner under The Asian Banker forum. OBOPAY also won the Mobile trax award for mobile banking and payments in 2013.

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