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OHCHR condemns campaign violence in Bolivia ahead of general elections

La Paz: The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) condemned outbreaks of violence in several Bolivian cities amid heated presidential campaigns in the run up to Oct. 18 general elections.
“Within the framework of the International Day of Peace and two weeks after the restart of the election campaigns, the mission condemns the recorded incidents of violence that affect the rights of citizens and the various political parties to proselytize,” the OHCHR’s mission in Bolivia said via Twitter.
The agency called on all sides to ensure campaigns are carried out in a climate of tolerance, civility and mutual respect.
“The desire of the Bolivian people to hold peaceful elections must prevail,” the agency added.
Since Septwmber 6, attacks against various parties have occurred in the cities of Potosi, Sucre, La Paz, El Alto, Oruro, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, and in two incidents, “press personnel” were attacked, the agency said.
Representatives of the Bolivian Episcopal Conference, the European Union and the United Nations who are monitoring the transition process on Saturday called for the campaigns to be carried out in “an orderly, democratic process.”

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