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Oldest Circus In Margao

The Great Royal Circus is back with a bang in the town of Margao and it is a great opportunity for the public to watch artistes from Africa and Russia performing some spectacular items. The inaugural show will be held on 14th January at the Kadamba Bus Terminus, Margao at 7.00 pm. The circus will be stationed in Margao for 39 days.
The main highlight of the circus will be performances by the African artistes which includes acrobatics and the fire dance. Nepali artist Sushila Arya will perform the balance-in-trapeze act. The circus will also feature the globe-of-death performance by two expert motorcyclists. Besides, there will be cycling trapeze, cycle acrobatics, sky walk and many more.

Animal acts will be another attractive feature of the circus which will include the elephant girl, elephant cricket and ring dance. The Arabian horse who can identify colours is another major attraction. Besides, there will be the dog show and the bird act with cockatoos.
The circus is managed by Makrand Pandit and camp manager Raghunath. Addressing media persons Pandit said that the circus is 131 years old and is one of the oldest circuses in the country. He informed that it has travelled to 400 cities across India. Lamenting on the fact that the circus has lost its glory after the government banned the use of animals in 1998; he said that there is a reduction in the number of children who used to come for the circus just to watch these animals perform.
There will be three shows every day at 1 pm, 4 pm and 7 pm and the tickets of the same are priced at Rs 30, Rs 60, Rs 100 and Rs 150.Advance bookings for Rs 100 and Rs 150 tickets will be done every day from 9 am to 6 pm.

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