OMA Emirates Introduces Benefit Beyond Cashless Campus

In an attempt to boost digital payments and keeping in synch with technology advancements across sectors, leaders in payments and financial technology, OMA Emirates Group introduces its Benefit Beyond Cashless Campus solution for schools, colleges, universities and education institutions. With Benefit Beyond Cashless Campus, the education sector can take a step towards modernizing and streamlining payments and financial transactions for students and staff by introducing a secure digital payment method with a prepaid card. The solution is versatile, ideal for high and low value transactions and can have multiple payment touchpoints. It also attempts to help students track and optimize their financial spending.


Benefit Beyond Cashless Campus facilitates digital payments across the entire campus with a prepaid card customized by the institute as per their requirement. It creates an integrated ecosystem which includes backend development and systems, program management, issuance of prepaid cards, and point of sales terminals for top-ups and payments. Instant transaction and settlement reports can also be accessed by the institute, students and parents.



Mr. Niranj Sangal, Group CEO, OMA Emirates Group

On introducing an innovative solution for the education sector, Mr. Niranj Sangal, Group CEO, OMA Emirates Group said, “Benefit Beyond Cashless Campus is a 360-degree solution designed and suited for almost any education institution looking to organize and digitize day-to-day financial transactions in a cost-effective manner. The solution encompasses all payment acceptance points for tuition fees, canteen spends, library fees, stationary expenditures, field trips, etc. It reduces considerable amount of manual work and improves productivity at an institutional level. Additionally, the solution will make way for parents to track and stay updated on their kids’ expenditures.


Considering millennials today are already empowered with the power of the card, the solution becomes easy to integrate and execute. With Benefit Beyond Cashless Campus we aim to empower the education sector with new age technology and an all rounded and highly reliable payments solution.” Sangal added.


Benefit Beyond Cashless Campus is a part of OMA Emirate’s Benefit Beyond program. It ensures right spending, helps students develop financial management skills, and reduces manual and paper work by creating a digital ecosystem for the institute on the whole. The easy to use and secure solution is scalable and can be customized as per each institute’s needs.


About OMA Emirates Group

Middle East based OMA Emirates Group is a leading provider to the payment industry with cutting-edge technology solutions for card personalization, payment issuance and payment acquiring systems through a global delivery platform. The company aims to help businesses achieve the highest efficiency levels by drawing on its extensive research and experience with a large profile of high-performance businesses. OMA Emirates Group together with its strategic world class technology partner’s designs and delivers a seamless customer experience. The company is ISO 9001 certified. It has a presence in Eastern Europe, Africa and APAC.


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