One CCTV footage indicates victim was disturbed, shocked


Bengaluru, Nov 25 (Expose)The CCTV footage recovered by the victim nursing student, who has moved court to demand protection and action against Pastor Sunny D of the Bethel Fire Ministries and Bethel medical services, may not actually point to harassment, (in that specific instance only and without prejudice to the girls stand that torture and harassment of a sexual nature was prolonged and consistent). But it does clearly indicate that the encounter she had with Pastor Sunny D, in that footage wasn’t pleasant and at one stage, it seemed she was shocked and taken aback at one sudden movement made by the Pastor, while sitting next to her, in what looks like a work station in an office.

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Indian Expose had reported that a nursing student has moved the Karnataka High Court against Pastor Dr Sunny D of Bethel Holy Fire Ministries and Bethel Medical services the State of Karnataka, DCP Central Division Bangalore ( under whose jurisdiction the institutes run by the pastor are situated), the Registrar, Vice Chancellor, Director of Students Welfare Secession, the Director of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, and Additional Chief Secretary Health and Family Welfare, Karnataka for relief against sexual torture, harassment and molestation.

The CCTV footage, in possession of IndianExpose ( timing counter 8.35 to 8.42) reveals that the complainant (nursing student) was at her desk with Pastor Sunny D right next to her discussing something. At one point he picks up some papers. Both of them are at the far corner of the room with their backs to camera. Suddenly Pastor Sunny D  bends a little  with his hands apparently going under the table. At this point, the girl stands up suddenly and pushes herself back to the wall, as if something unexpected and abrupt had happened. Pastor Sunny D also gets up, remains there fo a few second and walks out of the room. The girl, apparently under shock, continues to stand there trying to clam herself down. She then gathers her self, picks up her papers, a little plastic bag with her stuff and switches the lights off. At this point another member of the staff, or could be security person approaches the room. She goes out and hands over what looked like the keys of the office to him.

Then something interesting happens. While she is outside the room, settling her hair, she obviously sees someone approaching and moves back to her room (with the lights already out), and goes back to her desk. Almost simultaneously, Pastor Sunny D enters the room and goes to the same corner and starts talking to her. At one point the girl appears to move towards him and Sunny D, suddenly moves his head with a jerk towards the work table, almost as he was taking evasive action.

This lasts for less than a minute, post which he moves out of the room leaving the girl there.

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