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One Minister, 5 MLAs to Tour UK in the name of Sports But Not Sports Minister

Six MLAs from the Goa Legislative Assembly will be travelling to United Kingdom (UK) to study the Motor Cross sporting activity and will be attending the FIM World Motor Cross Championship in Winchester. The trip is being sponsored by the Sports Authority of Goa (SAG). Strangely, the Sports Minister of Goa is not on the travel list. met with the Minister for Fisheries and Labour Avertano Furtado at the Goa Airport who was travelling to Mumbai to get his UK Visa approved. Along with Velim MLA Benjamin Silva. Furtado confirmed that, “They were going to Winchester to study the Motor Cross sport, so as to explore the possibility of hosting international events in Goa.” However, above statement from Furtado came as an after thought, since during the initial conversation with
Furtado spoke about going to UK to study F1, till another colleague corrected the Minister telling him that it was for Motor Cross and not Formula One.

When this newsportal decided to investigate further into the matter it learnt that four more MLAs – Carlos Almeida (Vasco), Michael Lobo (Calangute), Glen Ticklo (Aldona) and Rajan Naik (Cuncolim) are also scheduled to travel to UK for the same purpose. However, it is not confirmed whether they have obtained the UK Visa.

However, while there is no denial that there is a small but growing market for Motor Sports in Goa, what would be the necessity of the Minister for Labor and Fisheries or the other MLAs with no official connection to sports in particular Motor Cross got to do with studying the potential of this sport in Goa.

As expressed by a senior official of SAG who did not want to be quoted, “It is nothing but a jaunt for the minister and MLAs.”


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