Online Call-Girl Sex Racket Rampant in Goa

Sex racketeers promoting flesh trade in Goa have started to use the online medium to solicit customers coming to Goa to soak in the sun and the beach; the state government cites inability on its part to curb the menace owing to some foreign and some Indian origin of the websites promoting sex. GoaChronicle.com investigates…


Here is description of what one of the pornographic sites has to say on its home-page – “Taking stunning sexy girls to Goa and following them as they discover their inner sexual self. Aren’t you willing to find out what’s so special about sandy beaches, sultry sun and striking nature that make these sizzling sexy girl beauties turn into young goddesses of love? Catch the horny wave of these young sexy girls and join our sultry sexy girls in their Goa explorations.”

Yet another pornographic site content states – “We offer an unrivalled escorts services delivered by our highly skilled and mouth watering girls who have been hand chosen for your pleasure. Well known as a place to go to in order to relax an unwind, Goa is the original home of the Full moon party and as such is the playground for anyone looking to have fun and sex with female. The nightlife is varied with many clubs bars and restaurants for any traveler or businessman to choose from.”

Another website originating out of Delhi states, “Aanya & Bebo are the most beautiful and hot babes in our Group. Aanya is an Air hostess and Bebo is HR Executive in a 5 Star Hotel back here in Goa. This is not just another website who is posing to be independent girls, but we are independent escorts in Goa. We do not have an ever changing and growing portfolio of girls as we offer Discreet Escort Companionship to the chosen few only.”

In our investigations so far; GoaChronicle.com has unearthed 13 pornographic websites promoting sex in Goa. While some are explicitly pornographic websites, most camouflage themselves as an escort service provider, though the content and imagery on its websites suggests otherwise.

Modus ‘Operandi’

Most of the pornographic websites comes with an email address or a contact number. We contacted most of the websites to understand the manner in which they work. Through our conversations we learnt that most of the foreign tourist is preferred when compared to an Indian tourist. For example, when we spoke to one such contact person names Romio, he clearly rebuked as saying, “Goa is about Portuguese and we hate Indians, if you are a foreigner and have such friends, then only call us.” Yet  another by the name of Daniel simply asked us which part of India were we from and what business are we in, when we said real estate and from Delhi, they started to question us more on business and the kind of women we prefer, Indian or foreign.”

Our investigations reveal that the modus operandi is simple, you could either email your requirements or call their contact person, after a brief telephonic interrogation, they will revert with your preference of women and also suggest locations and accommodation if you do not already have a hotel room. You can pick a girl for as low Rs 5000 day to as high as Rs 50000 a day depending on your spending capacity and preferences. You can choose from a foreign girl mostly Russia, East Europeans or Indonesian or Thai. And from the Indian you can choose girls from Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, North-Eastern states. Some also come with special incentives such as massages.

Most of these websites are looking at offering their services to tourists foreign and Indian; but not local because when we called from a local Goa number some refused to entertain the call beyond the normal pleasantaries.

We also learnt that some were suspicious and did not revert back to our requirements post the initial conversations.

Origin of the Sites

Of the thirteen sites we have managed to keep a track on; we found out that most of sites originate from India. Delhi and Mumbai seems to be registered offices of most the sites; as per their domain registration details. For example one of the owners of the porn-site and goes by the name of Sonia has her office in New Friends colony in Delhi and she runs three different sites with different names promoting sex in Goa. Another owner Rocky Shah by name his office is registered in Dadar (W) Mumbai. Yet another owned by a man named Rohit Roy has his office in Coimbatore.

One of the most popular pornographic sites depicting Goa as per our tracking is run by David Alvin from Texas, United States of America. In fact if you look closely at this website you will see that most of the images are short at one of the most popular resort in Morjim, Goa. Two other websites originate from Australia.

Government Lackadaisical Approach

The issue about the online porn sites promoting Goa was raised by several NGOs last year and was also a part of the discussion held in the assembly when a question was raised by the Opposition; however, the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat stated that since most the websites originate out of Goa, it will be difficult for the government to block the websites.

While technically blocking a website from the servers of country is possible, one fails to understand the lackadaisical approach of the government to curb this menace. Moreover, if the police authorities are able to track these websites through the cyber-crime division and also through its own on-ground investigations they will be able to understand that prostitution in Goa is now taking the route of the online medium to promote its trade. However, while our sources say that the police authorities have tried to make some effort to investigate the online sec racket, the existence of the sites even after a year of this issue being raised by the NGOs and the emergence of new pornographic sites promoting Goa is an indication to effort put in by the government of Goa to curb this menace.

GoaChronicle.com Action

On account of the ineffective action of the Government of Goa, GoaChronicle.com has written the Union Minister of Information & Broadcasting, Ambika Soni asking here to intervene in blocking these sites and taking a corrective action against such websites promoting Goa and India as a tourist destination of sex. We have forwarded a list of the websites and locations of origin with their owners names and contact numbers.


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