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Online classes to continue for Indian students studying Chinese Universities

New Delhi: Indian students studying in Chinese universities will have to continue with their online classes as China has not permitted operating chartered flights citing restrictions after the resurgence of COVID-19 cases, says the Indian Embassy in Beijing.

The embassy in a press statement said it has been pursuing the matter with local authorities but there has been no positive evolution of the situation so far.

“In fact, with reports of a resurgence of COVID-19 cases in China, authorities have further reinforced epidemic controls and restrictions on travel and entry into China. The suspension of visas of Indian nationals issued before November 2, 2020, is an instance of these enhanced controls.

“Chinese authorities have also denied permission for the operation of any chartered flights between India and China, citing their strict control measures,” the embassy said.

“While the embassy continues to follow this issue keenly, it has been repeatedly advised by Chinese authorities that the restrictions in place are not likely to be relaxed in the coming months and that students studying in China should be advised accordingly with respect to their studies for the next semester, which are likely to continue only through online means.”

“While the Embassy is aware of the difficulty of undertaking courses in medicine in online format, Indian students enrolled in Chinese universities are advised to take note of the restrictions currently in place and make appropriate arrangements for continuing their education.”

The embassy advised all Indian students to continue to monitor its websites and consulate(s) in China and also social media channels to remain updated about the evolving situation with respect to the prospects of their return to China.

“They should also remain in touch with their universities for any updates.

They may also follow the websites of the Chinese Embassy in Delhi as well as those of Chinese Consulates in India on this issue,” said the embassy.

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