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Only PIs to Fine Tourists

Reeling under severe criticism for harassing tourists, the Traffic Cell of Goa Police has now decided that only officers of the rank of Police Inspector and above shall fine vehicles registered in other states for not following the rules in Goa.
Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Arvind Gawas however clarified that lower ranked police personnel will continue to fine tourists for blatant violations of traffic laws while they will not be permitted to fine vehicles registered in other states for using tinted glasses.
While Goa has a rule about tinted glasses on vehicles which stipulates that there should be 75 per cent transparency on the windshield and rear glass and 50 per cent transparency on the side glasses, many other states do not have such rule.

As a result, large number of tourists from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and even Delhi who drive to the State are fined for violating this rule and very often police personnel have been accused of harassing these visitors to extort money from them.
Henceforth, owners of such vehicles will first be warned about the rules prevailing in Goa but will be fined if found not to have taken corrective measures, said Arvind Gawas.


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