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Open Door USA, Open Your Eyes to Truth in India: Christians Most Safe in India

It is with utter shock and disappointment that I read the report of your organisation – World Watch List 2018.

I am a Christian. I live India. I was born in India. Grew up till the age of 22 in Dubai then can back to my motherland out of choice, because I felt a calling to come back and do my bit to make India better.

Being unbiased in my journalistic ethics and policies, I carried details of the report on my news portal www.goachronicle.com. More importantly I wanted to showcase the extent of the negativity being spread about India, our government and in particular Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Evangelical organisations pushing their conversion agenda under the guise of spreading the message of Jesus.

Trust me when I say this, I have travelled to many countries across the world. Your report placing India in any ranking as a dangerous country to live in for Christians is biased and aimed at a deliberate portrayal of India and Hindus as bad to further the cause of evangelist conversion agenda.

Your report contains no verified sources of data on India – as an Indian I want to know the following:

1. Number of Christians in India interviewed.
2. Number of Christian organisation across all Christian sects interviewed.
3. Number of Christian Bureaucrats and Christian Elected Representatives at the Centre and different states in India nterviewed.
4. Sources of the information that led to putting out the report and ranking India as the 11th most dangerous country for Christians to live in.

I as a Christian find it insulting, defaming and untrue that you paint my motherland as a dangerous place for a Christian to live in; when my parents, my wife, my children and I have never witnessed any sort of harm or discrimination in any part of India, when we have travelled and I have travelled to many parts of India.

There are incidents of crime reported across India like it would happen in any country. There is no deliberate attempt to harm Christians in any manner. If at all Christians and Muslims form a part of appeasement politics strategies by different governments more than the Hindus which is a majority in our country.

There would be stray incidents when Christians would have clashed with Hindus and Muslims on some frivolous religious or caste grounds. I do not see how one can generalise that India is a dangerous place for Christians to live-in. In fact that last horrific case I can remember is of a Christian family in South India killing another Christian boy from the poorer strata of society for being in love with their daughter and eloping with her to marry her.

The Catholic Church has strong roots in India. The Catholic Church as your would know is controlled by the Vatican. If fairness of religious tolerance would Vatican ever allow Hindus to build a Temple in Vatican City which is Nation just like in India, where Churches are allowed to flourish. Compare the numbers of Christian Churches in India and its growth over the years. So the hypocrisy is really on different Christian organisations and institution that paint India as a country meting out atrocities to Christians.

Your report is about persecution of Christians. Does child sexual abuse constitute persecution of young Christians.
Should I share with you the numbers cases of sexual abuse of children, committed by Bishops, Priests and Pastors across different sects of Christianity in US and other Christian dominated nations. Do you not attribute child sexual abuse to be a persecution of Christians. In fact the evil of sexual abuse of priests and pastors with children and women are now being exposed in India by our diligent media. And my team and I are committed to exposing this rot in the Christian Churches in India.

I come from Goa. Goa has 26 per cent Christian population. It is one of the most prolific state in India for Christian-related activists. Goa has a terrible past. A past wherein the Catholic Church enforced a brutal and violent Inquisition. Thousands of innocent Hindus were persecuted and converted by force, some maybe by choice. The Catholic Church globally has never apologised for such a bloody and merciless vile act of the Portuguese Inquisition on Goa; though they have apologised in other countries where they had enforced the Inquisition. I suppose that would be considered to be God’s will for conversion and not persecution.

Modern day evangelist organisations have found a new tool of Inquisition on India. To further their conversion agenda they use the media to frighten and intimidate, in order for them to be the hope. Some evangelist organisations even resort to providing jobs and monetary compensation for converting to Christianity. Most interestingly is the fact that these evangelists go to the poor and marginalised to lure them with false promises and convert them.

Another fact is that most evangelists come to India on tourist visas and them work their conversion agenda subtly with complete disregard to the laws of India.

To follow in the footsteps of Jesus it is not go around India trying convert Hindus to follow Christians. Most Hindus are more Christian-like in their humility, love for people and nature and simplicity; than most US evangelists and Indian-brainwashed evangelists who are filled with false spiritual pride and hate for our deep-rooted Vedic culture.

Jesus preached a life of humility and simplicity. In fact Jesus’s teaching, if Christians organisations do some serious research, appear to be inspired for the Vedic thoughts that originate from India much before Jesus was born.

Jesus also said we would do greater things than him because of the Holy Spirit. The spirit of God that lies within every creation of God. The Spirit of God is not the sole jurisdiction of the Christians.

I would not like to further delve on religious discussions because I believe that I learned my duty as human and my spirituality from Jesus’s teachings in the Bible. The simple learning is God is within us and around us.

If your organisation is not able to explain to the people of India about the data and sources that led your organisation to rank India as a nation where it is dangerous for Christians to live in:

I will have to raise this issue with my government to take legal measures to challenge your report and file a defamation case against with your organisation.

I will also petition the US Embassy in India to give me answers to the claims in your report and take action against your organisation in light of the strengthening Indo-US relationship.

Thirdly and most importantly I along with the people of India will petition the government to ban evangelist organisations from coming and functioning in India, if the intent is to spread hatred and insult our Vedic culture and beliefs.

You must be wondering by why I am speaking so strongly; the truth is that I am Christian who believes God is in everyone and around everyone; not exclusive to any religious driven organisation.

The Bible states, “I have carved you on the palm of my hand”. That is a message for every single creation of God and not just Christians.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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