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Open Letter to China’s President Xi Jinping: Your hands are soiled with the blood of innocent people!

I never hated China.

I have always admired China’s tenacity as a nation and its iron-like grip over its vision and mission towards global dominance.

I love the disciplined and dedicated approach to life of most Chinese people.

I love China’s martial art movies. I am big fan of Jackie Chan. And it was my dream as a child to visit Chin, to spend some time at the Shaolin Temple learning Kung-Fu.

I love Chinese food. Chinese food would often be on our table twice a week.

I love Chinese fashion.

I love a lot of good about China because it shares a cultural connectivity with India.

I am not a supporter of communist ideology, therefore, politically I never appreciated China’s political machinations, even though I understood its game plan in the world of geo-politics.

In my interactions with Chinese people across my travels internationally. I have found them to be hardworking and dedicated people. Different in behaviour from Indians but amiable enough to indulge in a healthy conversation.

In fact after South Korea, China is my family’s favourite destination in Asia. We were planning to visit both countries this year.

But today. All I have for China is hate and anger.

This hate and anger towards China is because of you President XI Jinping.

You can continue to deny to the world that China had nothing to do with the Coronavirus pandemic. You and I both know that Wuhan Institute of Virology was experimenting in dangerous sciences.

Whether the new strain of Coronavirus was deliberately or accidentally leaked from the Wuhan Lab is a matter of investigations. The truth is that Wuhan City was the epicentre of COVID-19.

China knew about the human-to-human transmission yet it hid this truth from the world.

Your puppet in the World Health Organisation (WHO), Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus played his role extremely well to cover-up for China. He even quoted the China Health Authorities claim that there is no clear-evidence of human-to-human transmission.It is not the first-time China covered up an epidemic. It did undertake a cover-up during SARS too.

The China Virus – as so aptly stated by President Donald Trump – is responsible for over 1.6 million positive cases and over 95,000 deaths globally.

I call it the China Virus not in reference to the ethnic representation of your nation but because the truth is: China is the origin of this strain of this virus that transmits from human-to-human. Professor Shi  Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virology spoke of this strain of the virus in 2007 in her research paper. I am sure you are aware of it.

You know what disappoints me the most President Xi Jinping is that you put the life of your own people at risk to follow your lofty dreams of global dominance.

Over 81,000 positive cases and over 3300 died in China. And this is only the official numbers. Reports from China indicate that the number of deaths could be over 40,000 people in Wuhan.

I am not sure which political leader would sacrifice thousands of his own people to wage a war against humanity.

If this was a war in the true sense of a war and China decided to unleash its army against the armies of the world, including India. I would have respected China, because that’s fighting a battle of global dominance out in the open. Soldiers trained to fight these battles for their nation. Some will die. But that would be a death of a war hero. Some innocents would also die but they would be aware of the enemy.

You have unleashed a bio-war on the world.

You dragged innocent people who have nothing to do with the geo-political games played by ambitious global political leaders.

You let loose an enemy that cannot be seen. The China Virus is still to be understood but the death-toll piles up.

People were living their lives with hope and aspirations, now they are desolate and afraid of life.

Your virus took away the very necessity of human interactions – touch. You have made touch seem to be an act of violation and probably death. We might be living the next years of our lives wearing masks and gloves.

The China Virus has changed the world. In time we will defeat this virus. But the change it will bring will be permanent.

Imagine the families of the 95000 who have died due to the China Virus. One moment they were living life, the next moment, they were living in sorrow, for no fault of theirs but a twist of fate.

I am slowly beginning to hate the idea and the nation of China because of you.

You are the new and an even more deadly version of a cruel man like Hitler. You make men like Saddam Hussein and Gaddaffi look insignificant.

I am disappointed in the people of China because they are so afraid to call out the evil that China has unleashed on the world. But I feel sad for them. They will fact the brunt of this war.

I know it is difficult for them to voice their opinions in a strict regime like China but to be mute witnesses when thousand of people are dying in one’s own country and globally is not being a good human. In the end we are all humans not matter which nation or race we belong too.

I don’t think I will ever have the respect for the people of China like I used to have.

I pray the world ostracises China. No nation must do business with China. China does not deserve respect of the people of the world.

President Xi Jinping, I came from a land that believes in Karma. Your hands are soiled with the blood of innocent people. Fate will crucify you someday.

Jai Hind!



  1. this article represents the voice of billions; there is an error in the following line: He even quoted the China Health Authorities claim that there is NO clear-evidence of human-to-human transmission

  2. Historically china has shown no remorse in killing their own citizens (civilians) or neighbors. They have killed and annexed a peace loving nation as the world watched. After annexing them they are systematically cleansing them ethically. It is mandatory for Tibetans to learn chinese. Frequently Tibetan women are married by chinese men destroying the race. I loved every second I spent in Tibet – the land, terrain, people. It was heart breaking that no one stood up for them. Likewise for Mongolia, Taiwan & all others china is muzzling. Karma for the world is catching up. We watched as mute spectactors all that cruelty, now it’s at our doorsteps brought by xi parcelled by tedros. Their greed knows no limit, knows no shame, has no guilt. And hopefully one day 70+ years of blood & massacre will catch up with them too. Shame on the people of that nation.

  3. While it will take long to ascertain whether corona- outbreak was an accident or of natural origin or unleashed with strategic objectives…but China has a lot to answer for…and WHO deserves to face tribunal…??

    #StaySafe guys 🙏
    Lalit Ambardar

  4. Yes, off course, China has made worse situation in around world, and defiantly he has lost the business from the world, to become owner of any nation’s company by acquiring stock, you can not live in this faith that every one will respect you. Due to you, no body of this world will like any chinese people, they will suffer dangerous situation among other country until last days of this earth. You will suffer your business loss day by day, as all of affected people are cursing you.

  5. I get also frustrated by Xi’s attitudes about this world epidemic. The world has to come up with strategies to teach the Communist party some bitter lessons.

  6. The curse of the deceased innocent family member’s of the world will not spare the culprit. Indeed it’s high time to take a oath to boycott the china products without budging to the greed of their low cost by rest of the world jointly.

  7. They are no Christians, their leader value only his life and his family. He is the greediest evil of the world. His heart is harder than a stone. God will punish him. At present Satan is protecting him, but if all of us will call to God with strong faith in prayer God will answer us. Nothing is more powerful than our most gracious heavenly Father in Jesus name we pray Amen.

    1. In my knowledge of all the traitors, China is the number one, you as a leader of China will be responsible of what the world is suffering, you are an evil person !

  8. With the approval of its citizens to be their perpetual leader has made this man into a monster as his ego projects. Conscience has never been a part of his personna as evidenced by his actions whether his nation’s population is at stake or the rest of humanity. His quest for chinese domination is all that matters and who will benefit the most, HIM alone!

  9. Xi jinping must be crucified in mount calvary upside down!!! With placard … I am the killer of innocent people world wide because of my selfish personal desire of world dominance!

  10. Prayer was mentioned near the end of the letter.but it never delved into any spiritual implications and it is at that level I myself try to grasp the times at hand.This forum doesn’t seem to be the place for Theological debate,so I will leave it with only the notion of the real evil called Satan and let those whose musings are more on a what I can see and understand level.

  11. For what shall it profit a Man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul….Everything in this World comes from God and belongs to God….We own nothing!

  12. All you said are True about Xi- Ping all his evil doings and the Citizens playing a deaf ear , a mute indiv to speak.the truth , and a closed mind to agree with all the evil doing of their leader . All nations should unite and protest doing business with China , finally to sue China with the Gobal damaged they created to the many lives perished , died a senseless death , as many are still suffering as well it has weaken the economy of each nation !

  13. Guys got some valid points but some of his anger is misplaced. Don’t hate the country or it’s people or it’s culture/food/ways. Blame the virus or the ineptitude of the leader or ruling party. Try thinking bigger — this is one planet and we are one world. The entire world is suffering right now. Let’s try to work together and heal. Racism, condemnation, finger pointing, etc. not helping …

  14. Mr. Xi jing ping go to hell you are responsible for this pandemic virus that destroy the life of each & everyone of the whole world. China is not a friend of the Phil because if you are a friend you will not grab our territory & bullying our fishermen. The whole world were against your country now.

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