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Open Letter to Dawood Ibrahim: I want to interview you!

I remember reading about Dawood Ibrahim when I was growing up in Dubai.

His nephew studied in the school I studied when I lived in Dubai. There was always this aura of fear and power around the name Dawood.

Of course, there is no denying that Dawood Ibrahim scaled to great heights in the world of crime and terror.

He interestingly is an inspiration to some loafers like himself, who believe that life is not about hard work but eating the hard work of others.

There is no denying that he is smart in his nefarious activities and grew his global crime and terror image by associating with important terror organizations and drug cartels globally. However, in doing so, he has now become a scared puppet of the Pakistan ISI, under whose protection he resides, in some undisclosed location in Karachi. Though, ISI would like you to believe it is Cliffton Road in Karachi.

Dawood is a designated global terrorist. If he shows up on the radar, he will be gunned down by our Indian officers or the International agents. He lives now under the mercy of ISI and ISI uses him to spread their terror in India.

So when a senior intelligence officer told me that Dawood Ibrahim had taken out a USD 50 million ‘Supari’ to shut down Republic TV and shut up Arnab Goswami, I did not believe at first but when I added the dots it made sense.

Arnab Goswami and Republic TV have stripped Dawood Ibrahim of the fear psychosis that existed over his name. Bollywood and Drugs his biggest business were being targeted. It of course is not going down well with him. So he will react in his desperation and will turn to his political and Bollywood friends in Mumbai to legally, financially, mentally harass Arnab Goswami and the Republic team.

The problem with someone like Dawood Ibrahim was has been housed up in Karachi and is surrounded by the ISI, he starts thinking and acting like them, albeit, dumb.

I suppose Dawood Ibrahim still thinks that he is one of those powerful dons that is so often portrayed in these trashy Bollywood movies – a don who lord over India, its people, its politicians, and its police.

To add to it, his people or sympathizers, portray him as this all-powerful person, that now power can touch. They do that because they can make hay while the sun shines using his name to drive fear into the hearts of the gullible people in India.

Like I told Arnab when I got to know of the information. Dawood is a Deadwood!

India and Indians do not need to be afraid of a Deadwood. If Dawood is courageous and truly a man of power, then I would like to know if he has the courage to give me an interview, from whichever location in the world he is in right now.

Only cowards take out Supari’s and get their equally coward people to make threatening calls. They do not have the courage to face people who do not give a damn about their ill-gotten power or wealth.

You are a criminal Dawood and a global terrorist. You will die by the bullet. I hope it will be an Indian bullet because right now I know the Pakistan bullet also seems to be a possibility.

But because we live in a democracy and because I am not afraid of you, I would like to interview you, openly in a nationalized televised interview.

I want India to know why after wanting to surrender, you changed your mind and who were the politicians and police in India that were responsible for your escape and growth in the drugs and terror world.

Second, I want to know, this messiah image you try to create among the Muslim community, have you forgotten the lives of the Muslims you have killed because of the terror and its related repercussions.

Thirdly, I want to remind you that in New India, the only Thugs of Hindustan is young India, who can have the fearlessness to question and invite for an interview.

You see Dawood! You are not my problem. You are a story waiting to end. You lost you right over India when you unleased the Mumbai 1993 Terror Attacks.

I am more concerned about the traitors in India.

It is these traitors that have plundered India under the guise of business, politics, and movies. I am more interested in them. It is these traitors who are the real snakes that spread terror and hate in India. I want them.

I also just want to share a piece of advice with you, do not take up Supari’s on people like Arnab or me. That’s so childish. Come sit down and talk publicly. That’s what real power centers do.



Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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