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An Open Letter to Muslims: Why teach your children to behead people if they question Islam?

The shocking image of young children marching on a street in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh demanding the beheading of a Hindu for questioning and criticizing Islam continues to haunt me.

This hate that some in the Muslim community in India are breeding in their children is sad and disappointing on different levels of human understanding as well as on levels of understanding as a citizen of India.

The Constitution of India clearly defines a citizen of India. Muslims like Hindus, Sikhs, Christian, Jains, and Parsis are bonafide citizens of this nation. There is no discrimination. More so after the National Minority Commission Act 1992.

India, principally, has never been about divisions on the basis of religion whether it be Hindus or Muslims since its Independence in 1947 because Muslims who wanted and chose an Islamic nation went to Pakistan. Unfortunately, politically, religion has been the tool of exploitation to disrupt the communal harmony of India.

The Muslims in India chose India, I would like to believe because they connected with the roots of Hindustan even though they professed the faith of Islam because a citizen’s faith has no bearing on his fundamental rights as a citizen of India or should it stop a citizen from performing his fundamental duties.

A Muslim is not discriminated against in India because he is a Muslim.

So when a Muslim in India inculcates hate in their children and such demonic hate – teaching their children to demand the beheading of a Hindu citizen of India because he questioned and criticized Islam should be condemned.

People who have indoctrinated young children with such vile thoughts and behavior must be arrested and jailed. They are breeding future terrorists. They are numbing the consciousness of sanity in these children and filling them with insanity.

The children walking on the street during this protest appeared to be charged up, holding banners that said ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’, shouting ‘Gustakh-E-Rasool Ki Ek Hi Saza, Sar Tan Se Juda, Sar Tan Se Juda’ (There is only one punishment for speaking against the Prophet and that is beheading)

Elders of the Muslim community led by example in showing their children that hate is the only way to profess Islam and propagate Islam. Thousands gathered in Bareilly demanding the beheading of Narsingh Anand.

If some Muslim parents are going to act with complete disregard to human sensitivities and sanities it is not surprising that their children will take forward the hate and violence.

While terrorism has no religion, it is the truth that most terrorists caught in terror attacks around the world were radicalized Muslims. Some terrorists were reportedly educated in some good institutions around the world.

I am not willing to accept that their indoctrination happened at a global university. If they learned to hate, disregard other humans, and be completely brainwashed into defending their religion with violence, it would have taken place at the Madrassa. It is at the Madrassa that seeds of Islamic radicalization are sowed.

The life of children bred in and with hate and violence will end up living with hate and violence and dying in hate and violence. Kashmir is an example in India.

Prior to the Abrogation of Article 370, Kashmir was Islamic Kashmir. When Kashmiri Muslims grew in numbers they started to terrorize people from different religious communities in particular Hindus. The exodus of Kashmiri Pandits is a stark example of this horrific truth.

Kerala is slowly becoming like Kashmir. In that state, even the Christian community has now started to stand up against the Muslim community because of their terrorizing nature.

The problem of some Muslims breeding hate and violence is not unique to India. It is a phenomenon happening all over the world. The recent beheading of a teacher in France that garnered global outrage was a heinous act, to say the least.

The saddest part however of this entire horrific act of violence is that the schoolgirl lied. She claimed that the teacher was showing students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad but she was not in the class. The 13-year-old girl told her father that the teacher Samuel Paty had asked Muslim students to leave the classroom while he showed the cartoon during a class on free speech and blasphemy. The girl had originally claimed the teacher had asked Muslim pupils to leave the room. When she objected she was suspended from school.  The girl was suspended the day before the class in question was given, because of repeated absence from school

Last year a shocking video emerged, Pakistan is now teaching young girls how to behead a human to ensure that they can get vengeance on France after the French magazine Chalie Hebdo republished a cartoon that ‘insulted’ Prophet Mohammad.

In the video that was posted on social media platform Twitter, young girls in a burka can be seen holding a scimitar and imitating the actions of a teacher who is teaching them how to hold and use a scimitar on an effigy to behead the figure. The second part of the video shows a woman giving a hate speech, threatening France and anyone who draws the Prophet with dire consequences. She asks those who draw ‘against the Prophet’ to come forward and face his followers. The woman goes on to say that ‘attacking’ the Prophet is a matter of life and death and they are willing to shed blood to take revenge.

Globally ISIS is a designated terror organization is known to recruit teens and children using cash, gifts, intimidation, and brainwashing.

In several ISIS videos that have been made public, children had all been shown videos of beheadings and told by their ISIS trainers that they would perform one someday. First, they had to practice technique. More than 120 boys were each given a doll and a sword and told, cut off its head.

The children on the streets of UP demanding the beheading of Narsingh Anand are no different in their training on the streets than the children training in an ISIS camp. Let me put it a blunt a possible, the Muslim community is breeding future terrorists with the insane acts of the children.

I tried to get some of my Muslim friends on social media to condemn the actions of the children, their parents, and the people who got them to take out the protest. But unfortunately not one even cared to condemn. They acted as though the act of the children demanding the beheading of a human in a protest is akin to normal Muslim behavior – nothing unusual about it. They were indifferent.

The seeds of hate we sow now will grow into trees of hate for the future and that hate will not burn the people whom the Muslims consider their enemies but it will burn the Muslims themselves.

If some leaders and priests in the Muslim community think that through their Islamic radical ways they will spread fear around and therefore expect people not to object to their insanities then they are mistaken because people will fight this insanity. There is a point of breaking.

It is important for Muslims to realize that cannot spread fear and then play victims because they are dealt with an iron fist. In a civilized society, we must learn to live cohesively with people of all faith but if your children are going to be taught to behead people of other religions then I am afraid this madness needs to be uprooted by law in India and globally.

My question is open to any Muslim who is willing to answer my question: Why teach your children to behead people if they criticize Islam?

Stop the hate. There is so much value in children, in their minds, and in their future. Let’s not make their lives hell on earth on the belief that there is a heaven if you partake in creating a hell on earth thinking it is doing the job of an order from heaven.


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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