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Open Letter to Pope Francis

Faith will die, if fail to hear the victim’s cry

The Holy Bible in the Book of Isaiah – 49:16 says ‘Behold, I have carved you on the palm of my hand.’

That is powerful message of love, hope and oneness with the Almighty. Everyone is special and everyone is unique.

I grew up believing in the power of the good the Holy Bible speaks off and also in some of the spiritual men and women of the Catholic faith.

Even today while I expose the sexual abuse crimes in India and will continue to do so; my faith in the teachings of the Bible and the goodness of my Christian faith that was imparted to me by my parents has not been shaken.

But I am disappointed and disillusioned by the rising sexual abuse crimes committed by priests and bishops on children and vulnerable adults.

Such is the existence of evil within the church that clergymen have resorted to raping children.

An analysis of the victim age sexually abused by clergymen globally is reportedly between 7-10 years.

In some cases the priests have even made pornographic films of theirs acts of rape and sodomy.

In India, over the last five-years we have mapped the existence crimes committed by clergymen of Christian faith. Sexual abuse constitutes a shocking 80 per cent of those crimes. A priest even murdered a minor because she was to spill the beans on his crime.

In some cases sexual abuse were committed on children who were barely over a year old in the US.

I could not control my tears when I read some of the case studies.

Such is the existence of evil that priests and bishops are not even sparing nuns in convent. A sad fact that you, yourself, recently admitted that there has been cases of nuns being raped by priests and bishops that have been brought to your notice.

While the sin of rape is unpardonable by a priest or bishop; the shocking, disturbing and absolutely degenerating acts are committed by those priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals and even the Vatican that cover up these heinous crimes.

Do we as Christians not owe justice to those children and vulnerable adults raped and brutally sexually abused by clergymen?

Are we not as Christians answerable to the cries of these victims, that get crushed under the power of the Catholic Church; sometimes their mouths are closed with compensation? Sometimes they are murdered mysteriously? And most times ostracised by the Christian community.

Do we simply not care about the rape of children of the Christian faith, when the rapist is a priest or bishop? We just turn a blind-eye to the truth.

The Gospel of Matthew 18:6 says, “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

Should not a great milestone be tied round the necks of priest and bishops who rape and sexually abuse children; and they be proven into the sea?

No priest or bishop is more important than the life of child or a vulnerable adult who is a survivor of rape, especially by a man of God. The scars always remain. Their faith shattered.

Imagine this scene – Bishop Franco Mulakkal – accused of raping and sodomising a 44-year old nun 13-times – is garlanded by people on being released on interim bail as investigations continue, while the victim nun and her supporters facing constant threats and slander.

On the eve of the Global Summit of Clergy Abuse, I have only one appeal to you Pope Francis –

‘Save the children, Save the faith’.

You have the power to bring about a change. And you can bring about a change.



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