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Open Letter to Sushma Swaraj – Justice for Vikas Mishra above Personal Victimhood


I have always considered you to be a woman of substance and a lady that has worked her way up the political ladder to achieve such stupendous success and respect – a perfect role model for young women aspiring to don a political garb and contribute to our nation in the field of governance.

As the Union Minister of External Affairs for the country, you have been a beacon of hope to our Indians globally and a bridge in political relationships with other foreign nations. In simple words, you were outstanding and much loved by most Indians and foreigners.

The bureaucrat Vikas Mishra honest stand of exposing the truth on the controversial issue of issuance of passport to a lady who from the onset of the controversy has been lying vehemently and even produced false documents to obtain the passports and the stand of the Ministry of External Affairs to punish him has left me disappointed.

The New India propagated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP government is not an India that will watch an honest officer face the brunt for his honest and courageous stand. Therefore there was a huge social media uproar demanding answers to valid questions from you and the MEA about the incident and about the shocking stand of penalising Vikas Mishra.

I do not for one agree to any of the abuses or believe the controversy stories being spun around to defame you and create a split in the BJP putting the gun on your shoulder. I know you to be a loyal BJP leader who has always put party before self.

But I also do not agree with your stand post the abuses to then reach out to those leeches in mainstream media and social media who have on numerous occasions insulted the Indian government, defamed Prime Minister Modi and other senior ministers but most of all painted India with a black brush internationally on several hyped issues.
You forgot that some of the people on social media have always been supporting you because you have been doing a commendable job; were just shocked and surprised that an honest bureaucrat was being victimized under your ministry’s watch.

I do not know the reason for you turning completely a different leaf, getting genuine supporters to be branded as trolls and following those schemers who hate everything you and your political party stand for – its nationalism.

In the entire din created by mainstream media about trolls abusing you, the real issue is being buried and that is Vikas Mishra was punished for doing his job. Maybe it is time to shrug of the jetlag from your international travels and think clearly in the interest of the future of an honest government officer. Send out a message that an honest officer is worth thousands of social media fly-by night supporters who sing your praises today for your juvenile acts and then pull you down when their game is over.

One more thing, on social media you follow no one that surprised me; I never paid attention to it before. I do not know what it means from a character point of view but it certainly had me surprised that you do not follow the Prime Minister of India and President of India, leaders from your own political party.


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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