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Open Letter to Yogi Adityanath – Beti Bachao, Not MLA Bachao

On the onset let me categorically state that I am in awe of your firm stand against the criminals and the fear you have struck in the minds of criminals in the lawless state of UP.

I was also supportive of your ‘anti-romeo’ campaign and thought it was necessary step to curb the crime against women in your state.

The recent issue of the Unnao rape and the action of your government has shocked me and left me wondering, whether when you could have really make a difference it was not ‘Beti Bachao’ that mattered to you and your government but ‘BJP MLA Bachao’.

As I write this open letter, the DGP of UP has handed over the case to CBI and filed an FIR against the BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar under POCSO but somehow the police continues to fail to arrest the alleged rapist which is the law under POCSO and states now it is up to CBI to arrest the accused and they cannot arrest him because he is not convicted of a crime.

POCSO is a law that was formulated to protect minors, keep the safe from hostilities of the rape accused and give them swift justice. Under the POCSO law the accused has to be arrested, his conviction of crime or innocence is post the investigations.

I suppose the message you are directly and indirectly sending out to other child rapists is that POCSO is weak and if an MLA is not arrested because he is not convicted, we too should not be arrested because we need to convicted.

You and I both know that investigations and court cases takes a long time, in which time the spirit of the rape victim who is a minor is crushed and the hope of the family is lost.

In this horrific case, the father of the minor raped was thrashed to death in judicial custody because he wanted justice for his daughter and want action taken against your MLA, whom he believes and claims is guilty of the rape of his child. Do you think a father on his death bed is lying about the horrific trauma his daughter has gone through?

The fact that you have decided to handover the case to CBI and not have the courage to arrest the accused rapist under law, exposes your hollowness and hypocrisy on the campaign your political party so proudly propagates ‘Beti Bachao’.

Amusingly, BJP leaders on television are mouthing the common tailed line ‘Let law take its course’. And it is this very law I am asking you to uphold that an accused under POCSO must be arrested, so that investigations are not manipulated and controlled to cover-up the heinous crime.

Shifting the case to CBI also exposes this fact that UP government does not have the power investigate an open and shut case of rape and custodial death of the father of the rape victim. The message you are sending out is that UP Police that has done a commendable job over the last few months is incompetent to investigate and take to logical conclusion a rape case because it involves as BJP MLA.

The important truth coming out is that you do not have the courage as the Chief Minister of UP to order an arrest of the accused BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar that’s why you have now passed the buck to the CBI. By this the accused continues to remain a free man.

You rode to power on the ills and evils of the former government, the failure to act firmly puts you in an identical boat of your predecessors.

While you set up the SIT probe that led to the filing of an FIR against the accused BJP MLA, it is strange that the UP Police cannot arrest the accused rapist under the law they have filed the FIR.

You had an opportunity to set an example of through ‘Beti Bachao’ not just advertisements that flood media but you closed your eyes of this opportunity for mere political gains.

I was a fan of your manner of functioning, now I am disillusioned.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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