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Open Poem to Pope Francis – Silence of the Lambs!

Please listen to their cry
They weep every day in silence
As their body has become a toy
To satisfy a priest’s sexual dalliance

Child abuse is not spiritual act
It is a betrayal of trust
We can try to hide from this fact
But this truth will not hide under the dust

Many try to speak out
But are forced to keep quiet
Priests are given the benefit of doubt
Families fear taking on the Church’s might

There are many I’ve heard
Those who are victims
Of priest paedophile sexual crimes unheard
Is this Jesus’s dictum?

Every time we turn blind eye
And pretend the crimes are not real
The innocence in a child will die
Taking us closure to the Church’s burial

Every night I fight with the Divine
Please tell me, Dear God?
When does the Church draw the line?
And not cover up these sexual frauds

You promised strict action
Against priests that violated the innocent
Yet crimes continue within Church bastion
The evil is alive and present

The lambs might be silent
But their voices will rise
Their reaction will be a freighting torrent
And the Church will pay the price

The Bible teaches us to value children
And give them wind beneath their wings to fly
Our silence pushes them into a world sin
With each sexual abuse hear their souls cry

I appeal to you Holy Father
This an evil eating at our faith
You can stop this abuse going further
Save young souls from evil fate


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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