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Open Questions to Rahul Gandhi: Awaiting Your Answers!

Since his induction into politics, Rahul Gandhi has been positioned as a future leader of India by Congress. The simple reason for the political positioning of Rahul Gandhi has only been because of his family legacy and not a meritocracy.

As a political leader in India, Rahul Gandhi has often deflected tough questions or has not permitted unbiased nationalistic journalists an interview.

Therefore, on his birthday, as the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of GoaChronicle, I have decided to ask Rahul Gandhi my set of questions and hope he has the political will to respond to my questions:

On August 7, 2008, as the General Secretary of the Indian National Congress (INC), you and Wang Jiarui, Director, International Liaison Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the presence of the President of INC Sonia Gandhi who was also the Chairperson of United Progressive Alliance (UPA-1) at that time, President of China, Xi Jinping who was then the Vice-President of China and Congress leader Anand Sharma. 

  1. Why did Congress as an Indian political party sign an MoU with the International Liasion Department of the Communist Party of China (ILD-CPC) which is globally known as a covert foreign intelligence department of China?
  2. What were the contents of the MoU signed with ILD-CPC?
  3. Why has the Congress party never made the contents of the MoU with ILD-CPC public if it is done in the interest of the people of India?
  4. What are your views on China and its relationship with India?
  5. Do you see China as an ally of India or an enemy of India post the role of China in the COVID-19 global pandemic?

In the letter dated September 21, 2017, Dr. Subramaniam Swamy wrote to the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, stating “I am enclosing this with letter some authenticated documents regarding the registration in 2003 and dissolution in 2009 of a Private Limited company in United Kingdom with an address located in London. The name of the company is BACKOPS LIMITED and the Director and Secretary of this company were Mr Rahul Gandhi, presently Lok Sabha MP. The incorporation papers of this company No: 4874597 were filed with Registrar of Companies England and Wales on August 21, 2003, and the dissolution was on February 17, 2009.”

In the documents presented as evidence in the complaint to MHA, Dr Swamy exposed that the Congress Vice-President, Rahul Gandhi himself declared to the British company registry Companies House that he is a British Citizen living at 51 Southgate Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 9EH. The records filed by Rahul shows he has 66 per cent shares in Backops Limited. Rahul Gandhi also declared another residential address in London, again claiming to be a British Citizen. The second address is 2 Frognal Way, London NW3 6XE. These documents were filed by the major shareholder Rahul Gandhi, who was then a Member of Parliament (MP) in Lok Sabha from 2004. Evidently, the company was closed down in 2009.

  1. Did you hold British citizenship while holding office as the Member of Parliament (MP) of the Indian Parliament during the UPA government led by the Congress party in India?
  2. If you did not hold British Citizenship why is Rahul Gandhi referred to as British Citizen in Dr Swamy’s complaint?

Ulrik McKnight is the business partner of current Congress president Rahul Gandhi in Backops Services Private Limited which was incorporated on 28 May 2002 in India and Backops Limited which was incorporated on August 23 2003 with the Registrar of Companies England and Wales.

Ulrik McKnight is also linked to the Scorpene submarine deal.

The Direction des Constructions Navales Services (DCNS) France – one of Europe’s leading shipbuilders who is the manufacturer of the Scorpene submarines announced a deal with Flash Forge India Private Limited in June 2011 to supply critical parts as part of a Rs 20,000 crore (USD 4.5 billion) deal to supply six submarines in India.

Ulrik McKnight is appointed as a Director of Optimal Armour Limited (OAL) on June 6, 2012. In his company form, he states that his nationality is US citizen and that he resides there.

Ulrik McKnight is as appointed Director in Composite Resin Development (CRDL) Limited on February 19, 2013. In the company form, he states that he resides in the US but is a citizen of Sweden.

Interestingly and intriguingly around the same time, Indian national Gautam Makker and Sunil Menon who are Directors of Flash Forge India Private Limited are also appointed as Directors in Optimal Armour and Composite Resin Development Limited.
On March 23, 2012, Flash Forge India Private Limited acquires OAL, McKnight comes on board as Director on June 6, 2012.

On December 20, 2013, Flash Forge India Private Limited acquires CRDL, McKnight is already a Director, as of Feb 19, 2013.

  • Ulrik McKnight in Optimal Armour Limited is a US citizen but in Composite Resin Development Limited, he is a Swedish national.
  • Ulrik McKnight is a Director on BackOps Limited in the UK with Rahul Gandhi and owns 35 per cent of shares. In India BackOps Pvt Limited which was started in 2002, he is also a Director even though he is a US citizen and reportedly no such intimation ever given to the Registrar of Companies.
  • BackOps Private Limited today has Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Manoj Muttu as its Directors.
  • DCNS France ties up with Flash Forge India. Flash Forge India acquires a majority stake in companies in which strategically Ulrick McKnight is a Director.
  • If you look at the Audited performances of OAL and CRDL it brings up a question on the logic used by Flash Forge India Limited to acquire major stakes in these companies with average performances.
  1. What was and is your business relationship with Ulrik McKnight?
  2. Were Ulrik McKnight (who is married to the daughter of Eduardo Faleiro – known loyalist of the Congress) and you using these companies as shell companies for kickbacks on defence deals?

In 1992 a book titled ‘The State Within The State – KGB and Russia’ authored by Dr Yevgenia Albats – a journalist who served as a Member of the Commission to inquire into KGB activities set up in 1991 by President Boris Yeltsin quotes KGB Chief’s letter about Sonia Gandhi, her son Rahul Gandhi and the Maino family being on the payroll of the USSR secret service agency.

Dr Yevgenia Albats – a Soviet journalist who was appointed as a member of the official KGB Commission set up by President Yeltsin in 1991. She had full access to the secret files of the KGB. She authored a book, The State within a State: KGB and Its Hold on Russia. Dr Albats disclosed in her book that:

“KGB chief Victor Chebrikov in December 1985 had sought in writing from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), “authorization to make payments in US dollars to the family members of Mr Rajiv Gandhi, namely Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Ms Paola Maino, mother of Sonia Gandhi.”

CPSU payments were authorized by a resolution, CPSU/CC/No 11228/3 dated 20/12/1985; and endorsed by the USSR Council of Ministers in Directive No 2633/Rs dated 20/12/1985.

These payments had been coming since 1971, as payments received by Sonia Gandhi’s family and “have been audited in CPSU/CC resolution No 11187/22 OP dated 10/12/1984.”

In 1992 the media confronted the Russian government with the Albats disclosure. The Russian government confirmed the veracity of the disclosure and defended it as necessary for ‘Soviet ideological interest”.

1. My question is simple and based on the allegations leveled in the book and the case filed in the Delhi High Court by Dr. Subramanium Swamy: To the best of your knowledge did you, Sonia Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, or Indira Gandhi at any point of time in their political career take money from KGB? If so, why? And would you consider the act of taking money from KGB to be an act of treason in India?
India faced a Tsunami and not a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the coronavirus reportedly leaked out of the Wuhan Virology Lab. You have raised numerous critical concerns by mocking most decisions of the Narendra Modi-led Indian government. 29.8 million people were infected by COVID-19 in India. 385,167 Indians lost their lives due to COVID-19. India also witnessed a very good recovery rate. In light of these facts:
1. How differently would you have dealt with vaccine equity in India and vaccine diplomacy globally. What would have been your strategies to address these concerns keeping in mind India’s federal structure and its diplomatic relations with other countries? Also, keep in mind the fact that India was Chair of the World Health Organisation (WHO) from 2020-2021?
2. You have constantly been opining that the Indian government has mismanaged the pandemic situation in India? Could you please elaborate on the areas of mismanagement with facts and figures to prove your point of contention?
3. On a social media post you have stated, “India needs quick & complete vaccination- not BJP’s usual brand of lies & rhyming slogans to cover-up vaccine shortage caused by Modi Govt’s inaction.” Discounting the political rhetoric what would have been your plan of action to ensure India gets quick and complete vaccination?
4. In another tweet you mentioned “GOI is hiding actual Covid deaths”. What according to you are the actual number of deaths in India? Did you base it on a survey conducted by a third party that was carried on a media known to be critical of the Indian government? Has Congress appointed a reputed research body to estimate the actual death if you believe the Indian government is lying?
It is easy to criticize but difficult to lead a nation. Let me be brutally honest, I do not find any leadership quality in you but I have asked you these questions as a person who holds a political position in India and comes from a family of legacy related to Indian politics.
And even though I am critical of your actions and behavior, I will give you the opportunity to answer my questions and I am willing to listen without bias.
I hope you find time to answer my questions, Rahul Gandhi.
Happy Birthday!


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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