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#OperationDanga by Congress at Hathras exposed in a Republic Network sting operation

A shocking conspiracy has been alleged to be at play in Hathras, with tapes, testimonies, and reports indicating falsities and deception in what has gone on at the village, along with the UP government now moving the Supreme Court to monitor the CBI probe that it had sought to investigate all aspects of the case. Amid this, Republic TV did a sting operation on a Congress leader who is a right-hand-man of Rahul Gandhi – in which the stung leader reveals on tape a ghastly political plot to incite bloody riots.

In the expose, it is made abundantly clear how the leader attempted to incite ‘unstoppable’ violence and named the top political leaders who would join in at the opportune moment.

‘Operation Danga’ by Republic Media Network’s SIT uncovered Congress’s direct role in the Hathras case and how it planned to leverage the situation.

In it, Republic TV’s News Editor Amit Kumar Chaudhary stung former Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s Hathras assistant and a holder of key party posts, Shyoraj Jivan Valmiki, who has confessed that he provoked Dalits in Hathras among much much more

The leader bragged about how Congress is ready to engineer riots and revealed stunning details about a ‘mass bloodbath’. The Congress leader said that there will be “a fierce clash” and “a bloody fight”. When asked the reason, he claimed that “They (unknown) burnt effigies of people of my community. My effigy was burnt. There is anger over it and it has increased day by day.”

“Nobody can stop riots, the way the situation is panning out. Because it is the Valmiki samaj marshal kaum. You can attack us in villages because there are 2 houses, 4 houses. You can gherao us. Many will be slaughtered, many will be killed. We are in large numbers in the city,” he said. The Congress leader admitted that there is “full top-notch preparation” and his party is “gearing-up” for it.

Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra’s top aide confessed hid belated intervention in the Hathras case. He said that the “case was buried” but he intervened four days later. “The family was demotivated and had given up. They were ready for a compromise. When I came to know, I went there to meet them. If any person had gone there, he wouldn’t bear what he would see. I am from the same caste. If a person from another caste would have seen, even he wouldn’t bear,” he said.

In the most devious part of the tape, he admitted that Rahul Gandhi will come after “bullets are fired” and he can arrange other political support like that from “Akhilesh Yadav’s party.”

“Of course they(national leaders) will come. PL Punia can come. Mukul Wasnik can come. We can call anybody from Congress. From Samajwadi Party, we can get Akhilesh Yadav. Rahul will come when bullets are fired. Two people should die from each side. A leader should die or some common man should die,” Jivan said.

Shyoraj Jivan revealed that the Congress “got a huge issue and the party latched on to it.” “Now the situation is such that all Kshatriyas have become my enemies. Kshatriyas are holding back meetings with me. The community is getting united. There is anger in the community,” he said.

In the tape, he goes on in great detail to reveal how he is willing to take any and all help to incite mass violence, and that nothing will be able to stop it. He proceeds, on being asked, to allege that leaders of the Congress from Delhi were ready to arrive one after the other depending on the scale of the violence, finally stating on record that Rahul Gandhi would come ‘when bullets are fired’.

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