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Opp. Smells Rat In Dropping Land Acquisition Proceedings

Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar while slamming the government for dropping land acquisition proceedings at Dabolim, said it smacked of corruption and further while accusing the government of deliberately delaying the land acquisition policy, demanded that the same be announced immediately.
He said the dropping of land acquisition with regards to 36,800 square metres of land despite objections from the Airport Authority of India smelt of last minute corruption.

Making a strong case for announcing the Land Acquisition Policy, Manohar Parrikar pointed out that last year 60 lakh square metres of land was identified for acquisition incurring a cost of Rs 18 crore when in reality the value of the property is Rs 1,800 crore.
He said that if the Land Acquisition Policy which is aimed at giving better rates to the land losers, is announced, the departments will think twice about acquisitions as it will cost them dear.
However, Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Souza rebuffed his contention by pointing out that the proceedings were dropped because of two reasons – the first being that alternate land for parking was available near the airport and the second being that the land sought to be acquired was coming within settlement zone.
While agreeing with the need for the Land Acquisition Policy, the minister revealed that in January this year the Government has constituted a committed under the Law commissioner to propose floor rates for lands.
He assured that the Land Acquisition Policy will be finalized as soon as the floor rates are provided and also revealed that the government was considering paying annuity to agricultural and orchard land losers at the rate of 50 per cent of the annual yield from the property and that the annuity will be paid for 20 years.

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