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Opposition in India- aiding or paralyzing growth

India, the world’s largest democracy, has seen much in the past two years. The global pandemic when challenged by the potency of great superpowers and the grown-up countries, India being a growing country proved its potential to stand tall in any circumstances, come what may. The way India took a lead in such a tense situation and proved to be the only one who can serve the world at any time by its great nature of service to mankind. The nation which holds the badge of Superpower failed to tackle despite being a huge demographic nation with a population 4th part of India.


Under the leadership of PM Shri Narendra Modi, the nation today takes pride to be the fastest growing economy in the world. The tense times of then were grabbed as the most opportune times by India and the Prime Minister. From locking down the nation to safeguard citizens to providing free ration to migrants and poor class of the country to announcing small budgets during the year to moralize the frontline workers to introducing numerous schemes for the welfare of the citizens to maintain the peace in the country to keep an eagle eye on the vaccination developments to be the leader to witness and lead the world’s largest vaccination drive being run in the nation to announcing a budget which could uphold the economy which last year fell to negative graph and make India stand tall against all the great powers of the world, Mr. Narendra Modi did the best leadership and made India grow to an unimaginable pace.

But as we see the anti-national elements perpetrated in the boundaries who being an opponent forget that they are in opposition to the let the party in power do what is good for the nation and make them walk on the right path. But these days it seems to be a different matter in all ways. The opposition of the largest democracy fails to preach the real job and behaves like a personal opponent of PM Modi. Mocking the Prime Minister of India and the government in power now has become a new normal for the opposition party, seeing the fact that the nation has already started walking on the path to becoming a 5 Trillion Dollar economy in the upcoming few years, and taking a lead at international level.


The only thing that opposition does is to make a mockery of the government in power, crushing the voice of the people who speak the truth, plot to degrade armed forces, plot to instigate riots in the nation and hinder national peace and security and try to play dirty politics in each way. It seems that the opposition party behaves to be a loyal dog of the international agencies who try their ass-hard to break India and its leader. The polarization of each developmental issue and mock it on social media platforms, prove it much harder that the ball had rolled down in the wrong bag.


The agenda and propaganda that the opposition parties run, allying, against India and Modi govt. propels them even to put the nation at stake and shake hands with the Anti-Indian forces and inimical cabal and international agencies who work against India and its peace and security. All these situations compel the nation at large to think: Is the opposition of the greatest democracy capable enough to help India reach new heights in the upcoming years? From instigating people/ farmers to protest and block streets against farm laws, to instigate the netizens to be a part of the inimical cabal and hinder peace and security, to provoke mob violence and mob lynching, to supporting the outsiders who interfere in the internal matters of India, the opposition each time proves itself to be an incompetent and incapable as an opposition party of the greatest democracy.


On taking an upward view it can be seen that the nexus of Anti India is too big. Many international agencies are running to let the leading nation of the time be destroyed and backward in any possible way. When traitors of a nation shake hands with those agencies, the most important thing that is at stake is national peace and security. Applauding anti-India forces, supporting them openly and hideously, nodding to yes at that each controversial statement against the nation is the new job of opposition these days. The paid of the inimical cabal also gets corroboration and incentive by the traitors. The nexus to break India socially, economically, mentally, physically was even running in the pre-independence era by some traitors and is still on the way to carry that legacy. And this has been strongly backed by the big forces of the world. The conspiracy of many events is yet to be disclosed and it adds in itself a new one each day.


Unfortunately, the good governance being done in the nation today is not at all appreciated by the so-called ‘Big Forces’. The war has waged between the pseudo-left-liberals and the right-wingers/nationalists and seems to be at its peak these days. The warriors with truth as their armour if giving a tough fight against those who sell the nation to feed themselves and enslave this largest democracy to those big giants of the world.

However, the war of truth is what each nationalist of the nation is fighting with the hope n great will to win the peace for this great land of India and make it free from all the traitors and big asses who live to sell the nation’s pride.

Shreya Gohel

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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