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Opposition Leaders raise ruckus over ‘Laadli Laxmi’ Scheme in House

Accusing the government of deliberately making the ‘Laadli Laxmi’ scheme forms available to MLAs of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and their alliance partners Maharastrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) and Goa Vikas Party (GVP) to be given to the people in their constituencies and not to the MLAs from other constituencies, Opposition Leaders raised ruckus in the House demanding to know if the Chief Minister and his government is keen to only offer this scheme to voters who voted for the BJP-led government.

While Chief Minister offered a political explanation hoping that it would pass of as logical and realistic saying that the reasons the BJP, MGP and GVP MLAs got the forms earlier was because they were a part of the decision making process of the scheme and by virtue of being present at the launch of the ‘Laadli Laxmi’ scheme they knew where to get the form. However, this reasoning found no favor with the Opposition.

Santa Cruz MLA Atanasio (Babush) Monserrate brought forth an important point that people were being told by the government departments and some BJP senior leaders that they would have to become BJP members first to avail of the scheme. Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardesai argued that the department were telling people to collect the forms from the MLAs, however, the MLAs in Opposition do not have the forms. This he alleged was deliberate attempt of the ruling government to malign the image of the Opposition MLAs in the eyes of the people in the constituency.

Parrikar, however, assured the House that the second round of forms have been already sent for printing and will be made available to the MLAs and also be kept at certain banks across the state for people to have an access to receiving the forms.

Opposition leaders found the reasoning of the CM as an attempt to hoodwink the people on the issue. “If this was a Parivartan government, then the CM would have seen that the forms reached all the MLAs so that the people of Goa would benefit and not just people in the constituencies of his MLAs and supporting MLAs,” expressed Sardesai.

Curtorim MLA Alexio Reginald Lourenco, opined that the CM should stop fooling the people of Goa and act in the interest of the people. If the scheme is meant for the people of Goa, then even if it was the first lot of forms, he should have seen to it that it was distributed evenly to all the constituencies and not only to his MLAs. Even to the media a couple of days ago he mentioned that since this is a BJP scheme, it is but naturally that the BJP MLAs would get the forms first. If this is the attitude of good goverance then it appears that the government is not interested in ensuring that all Goans benefit from this scheme.

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